Olivia Wilde Recalls Her Horrendous First Vacation With Jason Sudeikis [PHOTOS]

Olivia Wilde's Bikini Body
Olivia Wilde shows off her fit figure while at the beach.
Olivia Wilde is doing the press rounds for People Like Us, and Monday night (June 18, 2012) she appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman to regale her fans with frightful vacation tales.  Wilde is currently dating SNL’s Jason Sudeikis (the two were spotted outside The Colbert Report studios in New York City yesterday).

“We fancy ourselves athletic people, so we were in Jamaica and we thought, ‘We don’t just sit on the beach all the time. We’ll go kayaking.’ I’d seen kayaking in movies and stuff, so we thought we could do that,” Wilde explained to US Weekly. “we took out a kayak each. He was really good at getting in his kayak right away, but I got bashed in the knees. . .I was like, ‘Babe, you’re so good.’ And he’s like, ‘Honey, I’m an athlete, so. . .’

“It was a choppy, windy, stormy day, but I thought we could do it anyway,” she continued. “It was about a mile and a half — we had to cross a bay. We get to the middle, disaster strikes, it’s too windy, the waves are too big and it’s mayhem.”

“I was trying really hard to be in front since he made that athlete comment, so I was really pushing through,” she said. “It got a little too treacherous and I turned around and Jason was gone. Gone! I saw an upside down kayak . . . and suddenly I realized that I was about to go over. This went on for quite a while.” 

Sudeikis “resurfaced and we were rescued by a team of fisherman. They had been watching us with binoculars. I’m sure they were taking bets on who would go down first.”

Wilde sheepishly admitted that neither she nor Sudeikis were wearing life vests. After their incident at sea, the two “decided to do something safe” by visiting “a floaty island about 15 feet from shore.”

“On my way back in, I got stung by a swarm of jellyfish. . . I was covered in welts, and Jason of course is still stuck on the floaty island looking at me like, ‘I can’t get in there! I’m not getting in!’ I was like, ‘Babe, you have to. It’s the only way. You have to swim through the swarm of jellyfish.'”

Sudeikis decided against jumping into a world of pain. “It was like a Japanese game show. We were fighting for honor. It got really serious,” Wilde laughed. “I had to go and get the same rescue team to come back with a kayak to get him out of the water. . . but it’s okay! We’re all right.”