Olivia Wilde Continues Her Trend Of Perfect Pregnancy, Acts ‘American Pie’ & Is A Pickle

Olivia Wilde In GIFs!
15 gifs of the star that will melt your eyeballs.
Listen, I realize there’s a lot of things going on up there, so let’s break it down.

Olivia Wilde was spotted in Los Angeles today, grabbing some juice with her girlfriends after what we can assume was a successful visit to the gym. Now, is going to the gym what’s giving her her amazing pregnancy body? Cause if I ever get pregnant my plan is to not work out and eat ice cream.

Now to part two. This whole American Pie thing. 

Olivia got to play the role of Kevin from American Pie last night in a special celebrity reading of the script at LACMA. It was her and Anna Kendrick and Michael Sheen and Topher Grace—basically a lot of celebs. And as Olivia put it on Twitter:

Now that we’ve covered that, pickles. Remember Olivia’s amazing gown from the Golden Globes? Olivia Tweeted, “Hahaaaa I just heard someone say I looked like a giant, walking pickle last night at the Globes. As a pickle enthusiast, I thank you.” She’s a pickle enthusiast too? I knew I loved her.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Olivia looking fabulous at the gym. I want her to be my best friend.