Olivia Wilde & Channing Tatum Top Beach Bods Poll As She Hits The Beach Again With Jason Sudeikis

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There’s nothing like the validation of people you’ve never met telling you that you have a great beach bod to bring some sparkle into your life.

We’re sure that’s just how Olivia Wilde feels after a consumer research poll named her as the female celebrity with the hottest beach bod. The ladies in the poll voted Channing Tatum as the male celebrity with the hottest beach bod, and we can totally understand why.

Too bad Olivia’s main man Jason Sudeikis wasn’t in the running. I am consistently impressed by how nice his body is. Wanna hear something fascinating? 

Channing and Olivia have yet to make a movie together. I know! Wouldn’t you think that happened forever ago? Guess not. I’m thinking they need to make some action movie where they spend the majority of it on the beach in swimwear. Sounds good to everyone? Good.

Basically, it’ll be like Olivia’s beach vacation with Jason, except she and Channing will kick some ass. I’d potentially watch it, if only for the skin. Check out all the skin Olivia and Jason are putting forth in the gallery. Think any other celebs were more deserving of the title? Sound off in the comments!