Olivia Wilde Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Jason And Baby In NYC

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Officially being out of your twenties for good sounds terrifying to me, but this gorgeous star seems to be handling it with grace – and I’m sure her very pregnant belly is helping, too.

Today is Olivia Wilde’s 30th birthday! Happy birthday girl, you’ve never looked better! Olivia went out to lunch to celebrate her birthday with her fiance Jason Sudeikis, and their future chid of course.

Olivia’s belly is getting bigger by the day. I’m sure she’s ready for the kid to come out and join the world already. If only he had been born on her birthday. What a gift that would have been!

Even though she’s just about ready to burst, Olivia still looked fantastic as she and Jason walked along the NYC streets. She was dressed in black New Jonas boots by AllSaints, jeans (very tight looking jeans for a pregnant woman, I might add), a tan and navy striped coat, and a big black floppy hat. She looked pretty adorable, and I have to say, she’s going to look even cuter once she’s got a baby in her arms.

Olivia has still been getting out and doing plenty despite her swelling belly. She’s been working out at the gym and stepping out with her fiance, not letting her changing body stop her from getting stuff done. Thirty, flirty, and thriving is what she looks like to me. You’ve hit your thirties, Olivia, and you’re still one of the most gorgeous people I know. Even while pregnant. Own it, girl.