Olivia Munn Reveas Her 2nd Nude Ad For PETA [PHOTOS]

Olivia Munn dressed demurely for her PETA ad unveiling on Beverly Boulevard today (January 12th), where the Magic Mike star celebrated her second ad for People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Munn posed next to her fully nude photo (which included a bunny and the caption “Who Needs Fur To Feel Beautiful?”), but the billboard above her head only contains a partially nude shot (it was deemed to risque, according to Huffington Post).

“When you think about even that little tiny trim of fur on your gloves or on your collar, that is still coming from an animal that had to endure so much pain just for you,” Munn said in a press.”There’s nothing good about pretending like you don’t know.”

Munn previously posed for the group in a “Boycott The Circus” campaign where she went nudie with a bunch of elephants in the background.

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