Old Navy Supermodelquins Hang With Hollywood Celebs

Do you want a SuperModelquin to be your best friend? Of course you do! You know who already has them as friends? Emmy Rossum and Stephanie Pratt. The SuperModelquins are the ones seen in the Old Navy campaigns we’re all so familiar with, so it’s no shock that they look fabulous.

Emmy caught up with Old Navy Supermodelquin Heather at Ralphs, where the two of them went shopping. Wonder what Supermodelquins eat? Stephanie bumped into Old Navy Supermodelquins Michelle and Barker at their neighborhood Starbucks. This also begs the question, what do Supermodelquins drink at Starbucks?

Now, we’re not all lucky to have our own friend like Emmy and Stephanie, but you can follow them on Twitter!

Gallery Info: Emmy Rossum and Stephanie Pratt hanging out with their Supermodelquin buddies.