Old Guy Better Think Twice Before Suing Makers of “Factory Girl”

So Bob Dylan was gearing up to sue the “Factory Girl” people because the film implies he kinda was responsible for Edie Sedgwick’s descent into drugs, madness, and then suicide and he’s not loving that. Then her brother had something to say. Page Six has the scoop.

BOB Dylan and his lawyers – upset that the upcoming “Factory Girl” will blame him for Edie Sedgwick’s early death by overdose – might think twice before suing the movie’s producers for defamation.

The Weinstein Company has evidence – videotaped testimony by her brother, Jonathan Sedgwick – that Edie was madly in love with Dylan, and that she was never the same after she aborted his baby and he broke up with her.

“She told me she was totally in love with him . . . she also explained . . . she lost a child which she claims was Bob Dylan’s child. She had gotten into an insane asylum, and she was so wacked out on drugs that they aborted her because the child would’ve been just strung out . . . she said that was the saddest moment of her life.”

Egads, the 60’s were rough. Bob Dylan knocks you up and dumps you. Charles Manson’s girls write in blood all over your house. Not everyone had color tv. It was a tough time, man.

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