Old Boozing Habits Die Hard For Amy Winehouse

While the UK’s Daily Mail is running with a story that Amy Winehouse watched the live TMZ feed of Lindsay Lohan’s sentencing with tears in her eyes, The Mail Online is proving that she probably has no idea what TMZ is, who Lindsay Lohan is and that her priorities are still drinking and staying out late.

As you can see from the pictures, Amy seems to be back to her old self (sans new boyfriend, who many say is responsible for her cleaned up image as of late) looking like a hot mess in a pink bathing suite with shorts and partying with rappers Nas and Damian Marley for the latter’s birthday.

Amy, 26, began the night with a low key meal at Balans restaurant in Soho before going on to join celebrations for Marley’s birthday at The Runaway Club, which she didn’t stumble out of until 4 in the morning.

She emerged covered in drink stains and looked like death warmed over. She, of course, was then helped into her car by her security guard to make sure she didn’t stumble over.

If nothing but practical, she was of course wearing those tragic ballet slippers that are like house shoes for old women.