Oksana Grigorieva Confirms, Mel Gibson’s Rants Span 24 Hours

This saga seems never ending.

And so it continues… Oksana Grigorieva, seen here arriving at a Los Angeles courthouse to continue the custody war with Mel Gibson yesterday, confirmed in an e-mail that was submitted to the court, that the taped rants of Mel that have been released one-by-one over seven days plus, actually took place on one day, so sayeth The Ministry of Gossip.

“If not for these recorded messages, you and your loyal people would have used any dirty trick they could. This is what ive been told and now i believe it. Too much evidence, my dear,” she explained as to why she recorded the tirades.

The two are still battling it out in court. Arguments continue to ensue over custody of Lucia, and whether or not Oksana is a money hungry baby mama or a lost soul searching for Oprah’s approval.

Either way, Oksana continues to tantalize (ie bother us and unnecessarily beg for our attention) by releasing tid bit after tid bit of the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of Mel, who continues to fall from the Lethal Weapon pedestal day-by-day.

I’m unsure as to when she will retreat into her hole, but she did say, “We have split up, suddenly and recently,” during a Moscow press conference April 19 about their split, which was announced the week prior. “Unfortunately, I cannot give you the reason. But you will find out everything quite soon.” So there must be more to come.

Ugh, fabulous.