Oksana Grigorieva And Mel Gibson Really Fighting About Daughter’s Inheritance

The real reason Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva want to tear each others’ throats out is the inheritance daughter Lucia may or may not be receiving. Mel and ex-wife Robyn set up an Icon Trust for their seven children, never thinking they would have children outside the marriage. So when Oksana and Mel split up, they reached a settlement deal that included a package of $8 million for the baby. The very first term of the settlement reads: the very first term reads, “Oksana consents to amendment of Icon Trust to exclude Lucia.”

However, Oksana (pictured buying flowers for Lucia’s birthday 1st birthday party on Saturday) later paired up with some lawyers who put her under the impression that she was royally screwed out of what should have been about $50 million, an eighth of the Icon Trust. But Mel’s people say that is a gross exaggeration of the trust’s value.

So basically, Oksana is convinced that she and her daughter got shafted, hence her refusals to let Mel see the kid. This whole thing is just too messy. More money, more problems…