OK! Magazine Isn’t Dumb, Plans To Run Britney Amok Interview As Is

July 24th, 2007 // 14 Comments

Kevin Federline better have his scissors handy to clip this one. His lawyer must be cackling in victory. OK! has told TMZ that they plan on running their Britney is a greasy maniac interview as is.

OK! Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ivens said, “OK! Magazine spent a heartbreaking day with Britney Spears and witnessed first-hand an emotional cry for help that will leave you shocked and sad. This week, on newsstands Friday, the truth will be told.”

So it wasn’t fiction? Because they’d be running the risk of a lawsuit right? More details have also emerged about that day. Britney apparently kept touching herself in appropriately the whole time, and apparently she absconded with a ton of shoot jewelery that she has yet to return. What the hell? And keep in mind she set this whole thing up herself. Someone’s gonna call the crazy police on her ass and take those kids.


By J. Harvey

  1. Girls a mess. Can’t wait for the interview.

  2. Chaz

    I’m beginning to think those commenters here who have said Britney’s problem is bipolar disorder rather than substance abuse are onto something. The mood swings and inability to focus are alarm bells.

    As for the outfit, I think that’s just innate bad taste, not mental illness.

  3. green cardigan

    It must be a Full Moon. They’ve all lost their skittles, between dogs shitting in couture, car chases, ceilings falling down and pockets full of cocaine, I don’t know what to think anymore.

  4. silvarga

    If you show up for and interview/photoshoot and act crazy like that and they get it on camera. How can they be sued? I mean, it’s not Libel, it’s not Defamation of Character, It’s simply reporting exactly what happened during a scheduled/contracted shoot. It goes from being tabloid fodder to being a documentary doesn’t it?

    I thought it would be pretty foolish of OK to NOT print the pics or the interview. It would be a sold-out issue.

    This is totally reminding me of Courtenay Cox’s show DIRT. I only wish we had an editor as publicly ruthless as her “Lucy Spiller” character is on the show.

  5. stolidog

    save the dog.

  6. echoroc

    “touching herself inappropriately”. hehehehe. she was probably just itching that dirty, stinky vag. nasty bitch.

  7. Grace

    If the definition of bipolar is selfishness, self-centeredness and egocentricism – sure, she’s bipolar. Girl has been believing her own hype and ass kissers for years. Buying into all that is eventually bound to make a person believe they are above reproach no matter what.

  8. 2 Old 4 This

    That outfit is circa 1960′s, drunk ass, pill poppin, Richard Burton chasin Elizabeth Taylor.

  9. P

    For the record – bipolar disorder has a spectrum of types … beyatch def. seems bp type I. That’s numero uno 1 for the fucktards. And I’m an even bigger fucktard for feeling the need to post that.

  10. P

    Oh and the touching would make sense … when manic or hypo-manic one is often ‘aroused’ all the time. Hallucinations happen with type I or could be psychosis … explains the ceiling shit.

  11. Clementines

    It’s not a secret when Britney openly runs around in public showing all and anything that she wants to do and does her ‘psycho chick please put me in a cage I am so gross and a menace’ routine? Let’s call it a small biographical recap of her rotten-sad downslide life up to now.

  12. Clementines

    Exposing and touching oneself in public inappropriately is a sign of a unstable mind and destructive mental condition., which might be.. drug induced.It is against the law.
    SXO SEXUAL OFFENSES (lewd behavior, indecent exposure)Sexual contact, including intercourse, without force or threat of force and where victim is capable of giving consent. Exposing an individual to lewd, sexual behavior or actions.o Examples:Exposing oneself in an indecent manner (exposure of private body parts to the sight of another person in a lewd or indecent manner in a public place); making obscene remarks [conduct which by community standards is deemed to corrupt public morals by its indecency and/or lewdness]

  13. penelope

    Does anyone else think she looks pregnant?

  14. Jan

    Bangs darlin’you have a very high forehead!!

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