O.J. Simpson Resurfaces

It seems O.J. Simpson either has the worst publicist ever or has no publicist at all. Where did he decide to resurface? At a horror-themed collectible convention…

Simpson signed pictures, footballs, helmets and jerseys for fees ranging from $5-$195 near a promotional display for a splatter movie, a haunted house and such decorations as severed heads and limbs, according to The Times.

“This is kind of an unusual venue,” Simpson said. “I came in to focus on one thing — signing what people want and then I’m gone.” When asked if he was profiting from the appearance, Simpson said, “I’m not doing it for my health.”

Promoter Thomas Riccio said he is receiving all proceeds generated by Simpson. “I got the deal from a friend of his,” Riccio said. “He did a favor for a friend.”

Any money Simpson earns from the show could go to the plaintiffs in the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment entered against him in 1997. But Simpson has never tried to pay the sum. Instead, he moved to Florida, where his pension and home cannot be encumbered.

OJ Simpson At First Signing Appearance In LA In 12 Years [NBC4]

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