OJ Simpson Wants The Chance To Eliminate ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Contestants

April 23rd, 2008 // 1 Comment

Photos: WENN

If OJ Simpson has his way, this next season of Celebrity Apprentice will probably be more cutthroat than it ever has. Simpson has contacted Donald Trump about a chance to appear on the show and both NBC and Trump are considering the former football star’s offer, although they are “being very cautious,” a source told Page Six.

Ugh, that’s just annoying. Unless Trump has Gene Simmons return for the next season and one of the challenges has the two locked in a room. I can’t stand Gene and his Brillo pad hair-plugs. I bet he markets a set of KISS knives that would be perfect for the job.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jbonz

    “Being very cautious” about making a deal with a cold-blooded butcher, eh? You’d like to capitalize on the notoriety he’s gained by slitting two people’s throats and walking away from it, but you’re not sure how it would be perceived by the public, eh? Gotta send out feelers to see if it will fly or if you should righteously declare that it’s not in keeping with the high moral standards of your show, eh?
    Screw you, Donald.

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