OJ Simpson Heading to Jail in Vegas

January 11th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Jesus Christ, that murderous look of death OJ’s giving better not be the last thing I see before I die. Although, since we’re not married, I should be pretty safe. If the Juice looks pissed it’s probably because his bail has just been revoked and he’s now on his way from Miami, Florida to Las Vegas where he’ll be put in jail there for the charges stemming from the robbery and kidnapping in which he was an alleged participant. He’s set to arrive early in the evening. Maybe he should write a book about it, since I hear he’s something of a wordsmith.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. kellygrrrl

    bye-bye, MURDERER
    enjoy your bologna sandwich
    and your new roommate

  2. Ruby Jackson

    I wonder how his search for the real killers is going?

  3. devil

    I have a hard time believing that he’ll actually go to jail. Once he gets to Vegas, “something” will come up and he’ll go free again.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Jeff Cornell

    It’s too bad he didn’t (allegedly) commit the crime in Hollywood. He could plead guilty, be sentenced to 85 years, and be out by the end of the week. Or does that just apply to the ladies?

    I still think the whole Ron & Nicole thing was a double suicide. A messy one, but a double suicide nonetheless. That’s why OJ can’t find the real killer.

    My $0.02.

    Jeff Cornell

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