O.J. Has to Practice Acting Like a Human Being

Not only did O.J. Simpson not write “I Did It,” but he also practiced getting the tears to come in preparation for his interview to promote the book, which never came to fruition.

“O.J. told me [ReganBooks publisher] Judith Regan approached him and said to him, ‘Do you mind if we write a book and put your name on it?’ I said, ‘I don’t care. You can write anything you want, as long as you pay me,’ ” said promoter Norm Pardo, who’s preparing a TV documentary about Simpson.

“O.J. would laugh, ‘Can you believe they’d pay me to say I wrote something I didn’t actually write?’ A ghostwriter largely based the book on court transcripts from Simpson’s trial,” Pardo told Page Six.

And according to Pardo, O.J. still considered himself to be an “actor,” rehearsing what he expected would be emotional revelations that he planned on acting out during his tell-all with Judith Regan. God, this guy is beyond creepy. If he’s such a good actor, maybe he could try not acting like a man who appears to be guilty of double-homicide, because his performance leaves something to be desired.

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