Oh Yeah, He’s Definitely A JFK-Type

September 14th, 2007 // 17 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is completely, completely delusional. She’s confused her existence with those of the classic Hollywood screen sirens from yesteryear. She thinks she’s some gown wearing tragic actress in black and white instead of a spoiled, crazy truck stop prostitute willing herself double jointed for drug money. This picture is of her ex-drug buddy, Callum Best. She thinks they had a tragic star-crossed romance. Yeah, star-crossed over a pipe or a burning spoon.

“People are going to say things. Like Marilyn and JFK or Frank Sinatra. It’s just history repeating itself.”

Delusions of grandeur. You stay in Utah until you straighten your madness out. Go get a real job as a cleaning lady or work at a dentist’s office or something and get your head out of your ass. And don’t bang this guy anymore. He looks like the kind of guy who will cheat at cards, steal from your purse, and hit on your boyfriend when you’re not looking. I know the type.


By J. Harvey

  1. s7

    Most on-the-money post to date…

  2. s7

    Most on-the-money post to date…

  3. stolidog

    did she really, really, really say that?

    because if she did, she’s really, really, really a twat.

    and if she said it while not flipped out on drugs, she’s a stupid twat who shouldn’t even be able to find work as a bingo caller, let alone as an “actress”.

  4. Marilyn Monroe was not to different. Neither ws jfk. She was a small town girl slept and drugged her way to be a ex symbol married what 2-3 times. Jfk he was good looking smart but his father gave him what he had whats the difference other than neither lindsey or calum is maried

  5. Claire

    What do you mean whats different? JFK was president, Calum Best could only be president of his local meth lab support group. Boy is a mess. Lohan only wishes she were Monroe. Lohan is lucky that she is still alive, bitch is like a cat with 7 lives. Oh and Marilyn WAS a sex symbol, and Lohan is only a sex symbol in her and her PR people’s minds.

  6. Fabiola Thing

    Thank you, Claire!

  7. Deborah

    LOL, good thing she’s staying in rehab a while longer. Clearly she needs to work on separating reality from hallucinations.

  8. Jenna

    Is that the same dude Jessica Alba was dating?

  9. Nah Jesssica is dating Cashole Warren Jenna.

    Callum Best is a pimp though. I like that dude.


  10. lulu

    Yeah? And what do *you* look like?

  11. sandy

    LOL JHarv–you are such a hoot! I LOVE WHEN YOU POST SH!T LIKE THIS.
    You make me laugh every day. Thank you for that.

  12. irishbrat

    This is family narcisissm . It is what I see and hear in narcissistic irish family’s it is so funny. I mean they all talk about either being like the Kennedys or looking like the Kennedy’s. And by the way Lindy’s problems are far deeper than alcholism. She is a narcissists raised by narcissists and no cure for that.

  13. green cardigan

    “People are going to say things. Like Marilyn and JFK or Frank Sinatra. It’s just history repeating itself.”
    The thing is, even if she didn’t say this, you know she’s thinking it. In fact, the cruel reality is that she’ll end up on a ‘Where Are They Now?’ list in about 10 years time. And the answer won’t be pretty.

    Callum Best exudes assholery.

  14. Bugfart

    She should really stay away from Camum – that’s skank’s been up Jodie Marsh. That’s some serious disease potential right there.

  15. Interloper

    Hilarious! Well this is the same girl who a few weeks ago declared she was the most famous person on the planet right now. IN YOUR MIND, Lilo.

    And who the hell is going to ever confuse this spoiled himbo, Calum Best, dipping the sausage in some coke-snorting skank, with actual famous people like Marilyn Monroe and JFK for example? Have to be someone equally full of illicit substances I’ll bet.

    Too, too funny.

  16. Georgie

    Didn’t Callum learn anything from his Dad’s pathetic end and waste of beautiful, incredible talent?

  17. kim

    Another Kevin Federline a scamer and a cheat.

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