Oh Yeah, He’s Definitely A JFK-Type

Lindsay Lohan is completely, completely delusional. She’s confused her existence with those of the classic Hollywood screen sirens from yesteryear. She thinks she’s some gown wearing tragic actress in black and white instead of a spoiled, crazy truck stop prostitute willing herself double jointed for drug money. This picture is of her ex-drug buddy, Callum Best. She thinks they had a tragic star-crossed romance. Yeah, star-crossed over a pipe or a burning spoon.

“People are going to say things. Like Marilyn and JFK or Frank Sinatra. It’s just history repeating itself.”

Delusions of grandeur. You stay in Utah until you straighten your madness out. Go get a real job as a cleaning lady or work at a dentist’s office or something and get your head out of your ass. And don’t bang this guy anymore. He looks like the kind of guy who will cheat at cards, steal from your purse, and hit on your boyfriend when you’re not looking. I know the type.