Oh Snap! Joe Simpson Gets A Part-Time Job

The saga of the Simpson family just gets more absurd; he has now taken on the job of paparazzi. Celebrities know that by getting cozy with certain photographers is a good way to avoid embarrassing public relations nightmares, bad photographs, and even being hounded by the paparazzi. If they give them a few moments each day then they will leave them alone, free to go about being a “normal” person the rest of the afternoon. Joe Simpson has decided that he too should be allowed to photograph his daughters and make some money off the deal.

As if being their controlling manager and father isn’t enough, Joe has a tight working arrangement with WireImage. WireImage is the super-agency and wire service that rules the red-carpet at nearly every high-profile event in the western hemisphere. Joe has even ticked off some of the paparazzi by blocking shots of his daughters and snapping photographs that some of them were hired exclusively to attend. The head of the Simpson household has even delivered racy shots of his daughters to the agency including private moments and family vacations. This guy is very strange. On one hand he has the right to take photographs and control what the public get to see, which can be a good thing to avoid bad press. On the other hand who wants to have their dad take racy photos of them?

More photos of Jessica Simpson leaving LAX after the jump.

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Written by Christy Pastore

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