BREAKING NEWS! Oh Snap! Brit’s On The Loose Again!

February 21st, 2007 // 13 Comments


Once again, Britney Spears has left rehab after spending less than a day in a residential treatment facility. Entertainment Tonight reports that early this morning, the pop starlet exited the “Promises” treatment center located in Malibu. When Britney chose to check herself into “Promises” on Tuesday, her manager, Larry Rudolph issued a public statement to the media.

“Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.”

No reason has been given as of yet for Britney’s departure from the facility. Her last day-long rehab stint took place last week, when she stayed briefly at Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads Centre” in Antigua.

Good lord. Let’s hope the third time’s the charm.

By Lisa Timmons

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  2. hmweis1

    Just imagine someone showing this picture to her 7 years ago…..say hello to your future.

  3. AppleSpice

    Trainwreck… and yet, I can’t look away.

    I hope her mom has those babies.

    Someone needs to institutionalize (sp?)her.

  4. MJK

    What does this chick have to do to get put in the looney bin??? I shudder to think….

  5. I am SO tired of this bitch.

    Someone put a bullet between her eyes and put everyone out of their misery.

  6. MizLiz

    I sure hope her mom has a good lawyer…K-Fed is not much better as a parent than Britney is. Someone needs to make sure those little ones are loved and taken care of. A hired nanny just isn’t going to do in the long run.

  7. Is this a joke?

    Is she touring the countries rehab centers?

    Is this hide and seek with the rich and nutty?

    Is she working on a Britney version of “Where’s Waldo”?

    Someone put Brit in a padded room with a locked door.

  8. Actually, Kevin is much more attentive a parent than Britney has shown herself to be.

    He is a gold-digger and he has no talent, but he sure seems the lesser of two evils.

    Maybe it wouldn’t the worst thing in the world for them to be taken away from this nut-job.

  9. Tonysgirl

    Why do they make it so easy to leave re-hab?

    It is clear that Britney is not thinking to clearly and pulling all this crap is only gonna make it worse for her, but you can lead a dog to water, but you can’t make them drink.

    Snap— not sure about K-Fed being an attentive parent, but if both were compared in the courts he would be deemed the more stable parent who would get custody of the children.

  10. c.a.d.

    i can only hope the kids are not given to her mother, after all she is the one that raised brit.

    probably the best thing that can happen to the kids is a nanny, where is mary poppins when you need her.

    most rehabs for “regular” people wont let you leave at the drop of a hat, but brit is not regular people. money talks and bullsh*t walks (of course in this case pretty literally)

  11. Wawahaha

    STOP TALKING ABOUT BRITNEY SPEARS. My ears are bleeding from this endless coverage of Britney Spears. Who cares what kind of a parent she is, or why she shaved her head, or what she had for breakfast! I wish she would just drop off the face of the earth. Or better yet, if everyone did stop talking about her, she would disappear.

  12. Wawahaha…

    Psssst…(whispering) you’re talking about her too. Pass it on…

  13. 5PILLOWS24

    People are always going to talk about whoever. If you’re a bum, rich, stupid whatever!! That said… She does need help. But like most people she probably wont get it. I got 2 kids and married and stressed too and Im 24. I just aint gonna kill myself(career) over it. She got played just like many girls do only difference is hers was broadcasted…. where is she at again?? Sh–, I need a couple of dollars…. she still single?????

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