Oh Romeo: Another Beckham Joins The Fashion World

What is it with all these young celebrity kids with their own fashion lines and albums and everything else? Seriously, someone should remind them to be kids and have fun. And stop reminding me that I’ve still yet to do anything of consequence with my life.

Victoria Beckham’s son, Romeo – seen here at a basketball game with his family cheering him on, is apparently getting a deal to design sunglasses. Yeah, I smell some BS too, but stranger things have happened. His collection will be called RB and apparently he’s getting his celebrity buddies to showcase his frames. No word on when the line would appear, but I mean, the kid has some style.

Check out the whole damn stylish clan in the gallery. Can you imagine being the other parents who have to sit near Victoria or David? I would die. And I would chat them up like you wouldn’t believe. They’d want to flee this country like Roman Polanski.