Oh No, Not Again Julia

April 20th, 2006 // 14 Comments

I’m hating the hair, and some critics are hating her “Three Days of Rain” Broadway debut.

- The New York Times said Roberts’ performance in “Three Days of Rain” is “stiff with self-conciousness.”
- The critic for The New York Post wrote, “hated the play,” “hated her,” “liked the rain.”
- The New York Daily News wrote there’s “no chemistry” between Roberts and her co-stars.
- The Washington Post said “the pretty woman is pretty much in over her head.”

Except for USA Today, who said that her performance was “credible, compelling and sweetly funny.”

At least she had Oprah Winfrey there to cheer her on.

Julia Roberts Gets Harsh Reviews for Broadway Debut [FOXNews]

(Image via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. unmysterious

    Why does she always look like she’s in desperate need of some LIP GLOSS or Chapstick or SOMETHING?!?!

  2. Actually, I have yet to read a positive review for Roberts’ performance in any newspaper or magazine.

  3. ohpleaze

    Ha! I’m helping myself to a good dose of schaudenfreude (is that how it’s spelled?) Can’t stand that woman!

  4. petergabrielfan

    I think she’s ok as an actress, but can’t she afford $10 for a trim of the bangs??

  5. Lauren

    Overpaid, over-rated….finally comes to light?? Never did understand the attraction!

  6. doofus

    not a HUGE Julia Roberts fan, but she does have her moments of good acting.

    however, not every actor or actress can make that transition from movies to the stage. it’s just a different world of acting, and they don’t all translate well from one to another.

    did the director not actually SEE her do any lines before she was cast? it bugs me that some talented actress got passed up for a big name.

  7. Draya

    Broadway ticket sales are at all time low, and JR on Broadway is starting a trend of big box-office film stars who have NO theatre experience on Broadway, to draw in crowds. Next it’ll be Tom Cruise in a revival of “Torch Song Trilogy”.

    It’s a shame that there are truly talented theatre actresses who were passed up for a one trick pony like JR. I guess she’s finally got bored with being just a wife and mother.

  8. pixie-stix

    I’m not surprised that she got panned for her performance.

  9. ImCurly

    WOW, you guys are brutal! I love Julia and everything about her … I think she is a warm, genuine, beautiful person inside and out … I think she has come a long way and has overcome many personal hollywood mental lulls … I just love her to pieces … As for her hair, it’s OK … I’ve seen alot worse, look at PINK’s hair … ewwwwwwwww !!

  10. Fiz

    sooo true!! She strikes me as a b*tch..and her face is looking sunken and busted. so i guess I dont “love her to pieces”

  11. ohpleaze

    She’s such a homewrecking whore with no class. And what exactly is she trying to say with that hairstyle?

  12. DD

    When will people understand to judge these actors with their talent? “Oh she’s so nice”, are you her friend? “Oh she’s a homewrecker”, were you inside the lives and minds of those three people?

    BUT, if she sucked as an actor on stage, that’s another issue. Acting is acting! And all actors, and especially the ones who make $20 million a movie, should have had trained themselves for a possible theatre project that would come up! There are no 15 takes, no close ups and beauty shots there.. Plain & naked acting..

  13. Silasdog

    All the major theatre critics in New York crap-bombed the play. That’s pretty embarrassing for “super star” Julia. But it was predictable. She’s not even close to having the acting range for the stage. Given her limited talent, her career has been a miracle. Just my opinion.

  14. las

    I’ve never been impressed by her acting, and now I remember why. She’s not that great. Hey, actors of the world, just because direction and editing can make you seem cute or dramatic doesn’t mean that you are genuinely talented.

    To be honest, I’m getting tired of Roberts making a big deal of how she’s not into her career now that she has her kids, but keeping a foot in the biz just enough that she can leap back in. Either stay in or get out!

    As for the hair… wash and trim! Wash and trim!

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