Oh My God It’s Matthew McConaughey

April 12th, 2006 // 10 Comments

This was sent in by a reader. Don’t all the women in the photo look so nervous. Kudos to Mathhew McConaughey for allowing himself to be photographed while not looking his best.

My friend Richie was working out at his work’s gym last week when he recognized a very well-known celebrity working out beside him. He immediately went and called his girlfriend so she could come down to the gym to meet him for herself (Ashley’s in the yellow).

Come to find out his in WV filming a new movie. If I knew he might be at my gym, I’d be there each and everyday.

This isn’t the best picture ever, but still ladies…

(Thanks to Brandy Spry)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. grace

    He’s got that get-these-bitches-away-from-me look.

  2. doofus

    although he doesn’t look thrilled to be having his picture taken, he did it why?…

    because he’s a genuinely nice guy. and if a fan came from work to the gym just to meet him, I can totally see him doing something nice like this.

    nice, AND smoking hot? what a combo!

  3. tia

    First off Doofus where have you been ?? I havent seen Kelsey, Girly Girl, or thrillkill in a long ass time?? I miss you guys :( Second .. I hate Matthew .. those girls probably look nervous cuz he he smells like rotted cheese and crackers. UGH !! I cannot stand him .. show me David Beckham.

  4. Kelsey

    I’m here I’m here!!

    There just hasn’t been anything really worth commenting on…Paris Hilton’s nasty ass isn’t even worth reading the article/watching the movie…Cindy Crawford and the homeless guy…boring…u know..not much to say!

    I’m waiting for the beloved Brangelina posts..and TomKat…those are always good for a laugh

  5. Valium

    JUST ONCE…I wish Tia had something intelligent to say. How old are you anyway…11?

  6. tia

    Since I dont like Matthew McConaughey im not intelligent. I’m sorry that I prefer men with class and who dont let thier balls hang and wear actual deoderant. Oh okay here is something intelligent fuck you bitch go pop some more valium pills and then let me shove my foot up your ass and then drag you outside while I run your fat behind over with my car. Who the fuck do you think you are attacking me like that and ONLINE AT THAT !!! Only cowards talk trash online because they know for sure they wont get their ass beat. Yea this is a good place to trash talk. Go ahead and do it because I cant do anything about it. Your a punk so fuck you very much.

  7. Mack Attack

    I guess that makes you a coward Tia because you are talking trash better. You are no better than valium. I do agree with you Valium. Oh Valium the girl never has anything intelligent to say.

  8. tia

    So not only is your bitch Valium a coward but you are too !! Congrats you are now a punk ass bitch :)

  9. careplane

    wow you guys are intense….
    you’re all screwing, right?

  10. Kelsey

    I think since this is a juvenile problem, I’m gunna use the schoolyard rules.


    Tia didn’t do squat to you…sure she likes Tom Cruise, but we’ll get her some psychiatric care and she’ll be good as knew. Don’t attack anyone for no reason…that’s just a waste of time. Cuz then you get called a punk ass bitch and have a foot virtually shoved in ur ass and your fat ass run down with a car…I think.

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