Oh My Dye: Anderson Cooper Offered $1 Million To Color His Hair

First of all, I WANT Anderson Cooper’s hair. I mean, it’s distinguished and it’s that next step beyond that salt-n-pepper look.

However, CNN’s token gay (‘allegedly’) was offered $1 million to color his hair with Go Away Gray, from Rise-N-Shine.

“We feel like Anderson Cooper is a really visible and well-respected figure and thought he would be a great spokesperson for the product and the company,” said Cathy Beggan, the product’s developer. “And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome gentleman.”

The company is willing to deliver the cash to Cooper after using the pills for 60 days and sharing his experiences with the new look via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

I’m pretty sure that Anderson probably won’t go for this. Why would he turn his back on one of his most unique features? Check out the Coop riding around NYC last week on his bike!