Oh Matt Lauer. You’re Such A Gentleman.

Unlike the rest of the world, Matt Lauer claims that he has yet to see any pictures of Britney Spears’ attention-hungry noonie. TMZ reports:

Lauer went out of his way on this morning’s show to claim he’d never seen the infamous shots of the new mom as she went sans underwear on a string of partying nights. After talking with the folks from VH1’s “Best Week Ever” about Britney, the topic changed to Madonna, but the married father-of-three steered the conversation back long enough to add, “Just for the record, I haven’t seen the Britney pictures on the Internet.”

I’d say the lack of tiny blood trails streaming from his eyes indicate that he might just be telling the truth.

Lauer: I Haven’t Googled Panty-Free Britney [TMZ]