Oh Lord Help Us All

October 10th, 2006 // 3 Comments

While 90 million viewers tuned in to see Hulk Hogan try to rock a bright yellow thong on “Hogan Knows Best” the girl just doesn’t have anything going for her. Sure she can play the piano and sing with the combined talent of Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson but after seeing her little spoiled brat attitude and that dreadful “grill” she wears one finds it difficult to stomach her music.

Her album “Undiscovered” will be available at a K-Mart new you on October 24th courtesy of Scott Storch. Despite a general distaste for the girl, I have a feeling she will be like the “Spice Girls” concentrated into a single person. Everyone will claim to hate her and her music, but she will sell albums as though they are 99 cent chicken sandwiches and know all the words to her singles.

More from Brooke Hogan’s Photoshopped FHM layout after the jump.

Brooke Hogan’s Debut Album, “Undiscovered,” Hits Stores Oct. 24 [Starpulse]

Written by Cara Harrington

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. How funny is it that if you read the way her name lines up on the lead photo, it spells “hog”.

  2. Livingstone

    Thanks for that Killorn. I just snorted out loud at work. Just like a HOG in fact!

  3. Draya

    HA! Good one Killorn! *SNORT*

    Can you believe how airbrushed these photos are? Why’d they even bother to photograph her? CG the whole layout, since they’re using very little of the real Brookey-Hog anyway.

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