Oh Lindsay, Honey

This is just getting depressing to write about. From The Mirror:

A WILD night out for Lindsay Lohan may have begun with tears and tantrums, but she saved the Best for last. The troubled Hollywood starlet, 20, began her Thursday night bender at 9.30pm with a hissy fit at a party thrown by designer Donna Karan – bursting into tears because there was no VIP room. A champagne-sipping mole at the Donna Karan, New Bond Street, store tells us: “Lindsay was inconsolable within just five minutes of arriving. She was taken to a sofa upstairs and surrounded by bodyguards – but didn’t like it that guests kept taking a peek at her.

So, Lindsay decided to club hop until she ended up connected at the face with some reality TV star I’ve never heard of, according to The Mirror’s spy.

“Calum went over and in no time had Lindsay giggling like a school girl. Within minutes they were snogging the faces off each other.”

This is why I really think Lindsay’s crotch needs its own personal assistant/publicist. To keep shit like this from happening–or if that’s not possible–from going public.

More photos of Lindsay Lohan in London after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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