Oh Honey…No

January 25th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Lil Kim what are you thinking? In the search for the new Pussycat Doll she joined a panel of judges for CW’s Winter 2007 TCA Press tour and was looking a little rough. While it was a green carpet event and a subtle gown would have been overdoing it Kim is disappointing in this getup. She looks like she is going to audition for American Idol and no one is brave enough to tell her she should cover her belly. Now before the negative comments roll in regarding her weight I want to say that while Kim is a pretty girl and not in any way shape or form “heavy” this is not the look for her.

I can dig the lacy top and the scarf belt is very trendy but her jeans are pulling in places the shouldn’t. I love that she always pushes the envelope and is fearless when it comes to her style. That being said she is a diva in a good way and to keep it fresh she changes footwear at this event as well. The boots aren’t my favorite due to the color… it just seems out of place with the rest of her. During the show she switches to a cute pair of what looks to be cream heels that work so much better.

By Cara Harrington

  1. newfgirl

    Nice to see her toned down a bit, shame about the muffin top…

  2. Andais

    I think it just misses…like all the pieces would have worked separately but they just don’t look right together…or maybe my brain is just used to seeing titty, butt-cheek and camel toe from Li’l Kim and can’t wrap itself around her being, aside from the exposed tummy, fully clothed.

  3. doogle

    damn wat happened to Lil Kim. Every pic I see her in she’s lookin thicker and thicker. She’s used to be so toned and in shape, what happened?

  4. dgo

    three hots & a cot are what happened.

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