Oh Honey…

September 29th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Jessica, who looks quite disheveled, joins Avril, Sharon Stone, Dave Navarro, and a few others at the opening of “Area Nightclub.”

Poor thing not even thirteen layers of lipstick can help.

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Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Cara Harrington

  1. First! hehe…She looks depressed and HIGH. Look at the pupils of her eyes…They are HUGE! Awww Jess I hope you see better days.


  2. cv

    Damn, Sharon Stone looks much better than Jessica who is what, like half her age?!? Avril cleans up pretty well and looks pretty good when she’s not spitting at people.

  3. jbonz

    Is it just me or is Jessica looking a lot like Martha Stewart these days?

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