Oh Hell No!

Cate Blanchett just burnt a bridge at “Vanity Fair.” A-lister or not you don’t want to piss off the good people at “VF.”

A “scheduling conflict” caused Cate to back out of an uber-hot femme fatal spread. The shoot was created just for her and she pulled out at the last minute. The Graydon Carter magazine editors have been left in a bind. Cate has posed for “Vanity Fair” before and the new spread was said to be just as sexy as the issue featuring Scarlett and Keira in their birthday suits. Annie Liebowitz shot the March 1999 for the 85th special anniversary edition of the magazine and as always did a bang up job of featuring Blanchett.

Jossip reports some speculation that Cate is remaining loyal to new BFF Brad Pitt after his hotness was used “through a backdoor Art Issue excuse.”

The circle of trust just keeps dwindling. I rather have Brad in my circle anyway. He is way prettier to look at.

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