Oh Britney, With A Bra May Come A Smile

June 23rd, 2010 // 8 Comments

Our dear Britney Spears was seen leaving Marmalade Cafe with her two bodyguards and her agent’s assistant Adam Leber in Calabasas, California after a brief bite of lunch.

Bra-less as usual, Britney made her way into the popular restaurants with a smile on her face but when the singer left, she looked pissed as hell. Who can say why her mood turned so sour, but here are some choices:

* She realized that a bra keeps your boobs from falling into your food and couldn’t even enjoy her meal.

* A bodyguard declared there would be no trips to Starbucks on the way home.

* Her manager let her know that at some point, she will have to go back into the studio and do some work.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Lady GuyGuy

    No woman LIKES wearing a bra it’s just what your expected to do. Unfortunately I do NOT like doing what’s always expected of me and nobody should, I’m a individual not a group. I was born alone and will die the same way so there’s NO group about it even if you were try your hardest & know Jesus, God or LRon everyone dies alone. Years back women were happy to burn their bras and go without, sometime later they were pressured into wearing them again by people who didn’t like others having the freedom or couldn’t bear to see someone natural even with clothes on. There are many people who are unhappy in this world and like others to be the same way, hence the phrase “misery loves company”.

  2. LolleyGagger

    Actually she IS wearing a bra in that picture, you can see the lace and the edges of the cups. A lot of woman have powerful enough THO’s to push thru the fabric, especially after child birthing they become gumdrops. It’s Gods way of keeping the species alive by enticing the men, ala sexual goodies (nipples) to impregnate the females again.

  3. ScuseMe


    She’s totally waring a bra. You’ve seen her without one right? No way those puppies are defying gravity that much without some kind of lift.


  4. Correction

    Actually, the author states that she’s smiling because she’s wearing a bra in the above picture.
    The “bra-less as usual” statement was gearing towards the link to a previous report in that same paragraph. Therefore, you two fail at trying to correct the author.

  5. Jon

    lol she is wearing a bra this time..

    If she wasn’t her nips would be about 3 inches lower pointing due south.

    Epically failtastic.

  6. Maureen

    She is most definitely wearing a bra. I understand why she usually doesn’t, however, it is a useless garment.

  7. dxbravo

    Love those wonky nips…

  8. Ms. Liz

    Maureen said:

    “[Abra] is a useless garment.”

    That statement would be true if (a) there was no such thing as gravity, or (b) all women had A or B cup breasts. I had D-cup breasts by the time I was 16 and I can only imagine where they’d be now if I’d not been wearing a bra (almost) every day for the past 16 years.

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