Oh Snap! The Lawrence Brothers Reunite For A Las Vegas Birthday Bash [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Joey Lawrence
The former teen heartthrob working on his fitness.
Look! The Lawrence Brothers are all together! This never happens! Yay! Joey, Matthew & Andy Lawrence were spotted in Las Vegas last night to celebrate Joey’s birthday. Joey is still clearly the hottest. I mean, look at them bulging biceps!

It’s like watching a reunion of Brotherly Love. The boys all went for the black suit look, which looked fabulous. Also, is it just me or does Matthew have his 1990s haircut going? I’m thinking circa Mrs. Doubtfire. Also, also! Andy! You’re an adult now! Yay!

I love that Joey is still the most famous one. New plan: let’s all get together and write a screenplay to relaunch them as a trio! It’ll be excellent. Launch the gallery to check out all the family photos! Then tell us: who’s your favorite Lawrence brother? Come on, I know you still have one!