Oh My, That’s A Big Gun That You’re Holding Colin Farrell [PHOTOS]

Colin's A Shirtless Daddy
Colin shares a cute moment with his son.
Colin Farrell was spotted shooting scenes in Philadelphia, PA today for his film Dead Man Down while brandishing a rather large rifle.

The film, which also stars local guy Terrence Howard, Dominic Cooper, Noomi Rapace and others star in the movie about a New City crime lord that is being shot in Philly.

Colin, 35, plays Victor, a New York mobster who is consumed by grief after losing his family.

He decides to go on a revenge mission to take out the kingpin Alphonse Hoyt, who is played by Iron Man star Terrence Howard. 

However to get to the big boss he has to kill many others along the way, and test his skills to the limit.