Oh My Heart: Ben Affleck Gets A Cuddle From Daughter Seraphina [PHOTOS]

Ben Affleck Shows Skin
And a tattoo you wouldn't believe!
Oh my ovaries.  Nevermind that Ben Affleck has salt and pepper hair (swoon), let’s take a look at these adorable photos of him and his daughter, Seraphina (swoon swoon swoon).

Affleck played Mr. Mom today in Brentwood, CA while running a few errands.  Seraphina thought dad deserved a cuddle and a kiss, so she did what most of us did when we were that age; She poked him in the face, over and over again.

ILY Ben Affleck.

The actor and director was named GQ’s Filmmaker of The Year for his work on Argo.  Affleck credits wife Jennifer Garner for bringing a lot of positive things into his life. 

It was a really, really good thing that happened to me around the time that it was nice to have something good happen,” Affleck said (via OMG! Yahoo). “And she’s just a great woman and a great friend.

“She has such wise and certain stewardship over these three characters that I love so much.”