Oh My Goodness! Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Spotted Sharing A Romantic Afternoon In NYC! [PHOTOS]

Well! Would you look at this adorable couple right here.

Everyone’s new favorite couple was spotted in New York City today enjoying a crisp afternoon at the Central Park Zoo. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles both looked adorable in their fall clothing and were clearly keeping each other very amused. Side note: Taylor’s “wow” face while looking at the seals might be the best thing you’ll see all day.

According to reports, the lovebirds were joined by Harry’s stylist along with her fiance and baby. Oh and yes, that is Taylor holding an adorable baby while walking next to Harry. Think they’re going to blow that picture up and frame it in the new London flat Taylor is buying? How creepy/awesome would that be?

It’s still kind of bizarre seeing Taylor with Harry. I hope this relationship works out better than her last relationships, or at least that it ends on a happier note. Maybe she can even write like a “we had a good run, but we’ll be better as friends” song. I think that’s about the only break-up genre she hasn’t covered. Unless she has. Has she?

Launch the gallery to check out the plethora of pictures of the duo. They are seriously very adorable together. Also, this whole new dating younger men thing Taylor is doing is really entertaining. What do you guys think of the couple? Think they’ll make it work? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!