Oh Ma Gawd! What Tiny Hair Rollers You Have There, Bradley Cooper! [PHOTOS]

Bradley Cooper
Looking Adorable at the AFI Festival
Bradley Cooper on set
Cooper filmed 'The Dark Fields' in New York
Bradley Cooper in specs
Cooper wore a hoodie and glasses while out
Guys! Now we know why Bradley Cooper has been keeping his hair so absurdly long!

It’s not just to look crazy while riding a motorcycle, it’s for the new movie he’s filming! Cause let’s be honest, you can’t get all those tiny, pink curlers into short hair! The super hottie was spotted in Boston this week getting ready to shoot scenes for his upcoming film with Silver Linings Playbook director, David O. Russell.

The movie has yet to get a title, but we do know that it follows the Abscam scandals of the 70s and 80s which lead to the conviction of many prominent politicians. Bradley even gets to star in the flick with new BFF Jennifer Lawrence! So, why all the curlers? 

Well, apparently David and Bradley think it’s a good idea for his character to have super curly hair. Bradley even told reporters that he went into audition for the role after getting a perm. Now that, my friends, is taking your art seriously. But wow! How long do you think all those curlers took to put in? And it can’t be comfortable! Honestly, I just want to stare at these photos for hours.

Launch the gallery to get a close up of Bradley and his curlers. You know, somehow he works those pink curlers. What do you guys think of curly haired Bradley? Looking forward to it? Sound off in the comments!