Oh, Girl: Cheryl Cole Defends Kate Middleton’s Virtue And Bosom [PHOTOS]

Bless Cheryl Cole’s heart, for she thinks that publicly sticking up for the Duchess of Cambridge’s bosom was a real sign of solidarity.

True, we do appreciate Cole calling the invasive photos taken of Catherine at Chateau d’Autet in France “disgusting.”  She could have stopped there, but what’s a story without a cheeky little quip?

Cole spoke to Style Magazine about the topless photo scandal involving Her Royal Highness and a freelance photographer with a very long lens.  “They were having a private moment and it was absolutely invaded,” Cole said.

So did the Girls Aloud member get a peek? 

“She does have a great pair of boobs, though, right?”

Oh, go on!

This isn’t the first time Cole’s been liberal with her talk of the Duchess.  In her biography, Cheryl: My Story, Cole revealed that Catherine impersonated her at her hen do before the royal wedding (complete with a body suit and “split trousers”).  William spilled the beans at the Diamond Jubilee concert back in June, where Cole also got to meet Catherine in person.

“We had this amazing moment,” Cole remembered.  “She’s so ordinary! I mean, obviously she isn’t because she’s a princess, but she’s easy to get along with.”

Girl power!

Do you think Cole is talking too much about the Duchess of Cambridge?  Let us know!