Oh, Britney Spears. Where Have Your Dance Moves Gone?

Kelly Lynch | April 13, 2011 - 5:00 am

We had to wait a few days until our tears dried before showing you this heartbreaking video of old Britney Spears vs. new Britney Spears.  Gone are the fresh POPs and hip shakes that leave you glitter-dizzy.  In their place are molasses-covered moves and early signs of osteoporosis.  Brit Brit-We understand what you’ve been through and we were right there beside your magazine pictures as you injured your knee, met that vagabond, shaved your head, tooks liberties with an umbrella, and had your freedom stripped from you.  We get it.  But to pretend that you’re still as sharp on stage as you once were would be an insult to both of us.

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With that said, Pop Dust has gone ahead and put together a video comparing the old to the new, and it’s not pretty.  If you’ve been a fan of Britney’s since “Hit Me Baby…One More Time,” then this will be difficult for you as well.  Together, we can watch and acknowledge, then hopefully move on.  Damn it, spunky Brit.  Why did you abandon us?

Check out the video after the jump. And use the page-loading time to prepare yourself.  Grab a box of tissues, too.