Off With Whose Head? [GUESS WHO]

Wearing a magenta cashmere coat and matching hat, Queen Elizabeth II attended a Mad Hatters tea party at Sherborne Abbey in Salisbury England today (May 1st).

However, we were curious about the chap who’s head was cut off during the national anthem outside Salisbury Catherdral.  How very medieval (and fitting, given the party’s theme)…

It appears that the event coordinators didn’t take the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip’s height into consideration when measuring out the tent poles.  When the Duke of Edinburgh stood up, his head was cut off from view, while the petite sovereign stood and listened to the crowds sing.  

Her Majesty and the Duke visited the South West of England as part of their Diamond Jubilee Tour of the country.  Celebrations will take them to London June 2nd-June 5th, where fireworks, a concert and river pageant are planned in honor of the Queen’s sixty-year reign.   The Queen recycled her festive outfit, first wearing it on a visit to Leicester with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Corgis wearing festive Jubilee collars waited for Her Majesty, perhaps knowing full well that she has a soft spot for the breed.