Odd: ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Busts Out A Pumpkin Carriage [PHOTOS]

January 11th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

There aren’t many of us who tune into UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, especially after we send them our discarded remnants (Tara Reid, Karissa and Kristina Shannon), but once in a while a photo will pop up that makes us wonder what the hell is going on  over there.

Tonight the celebs inside the house voted dance instructor/Pineapple Dance Studios reality star Andrew Stone out, making him the first.  Following a fairy tale challenge, Stone – dressed as The Beast – made his dramatic exit in a miniature horse-drawn pumpkin carriage to where host Brian Dowling waited for an interview.

“Andrew is super annoying, every time I look at him he looks like a sad dog,” Karissa said in a video diary.  “I want Georgia to stay but I feel this is as much as we’ll get out of her personality-wise.”

Riveting stuff.  Really.

By Kelly Lynch

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