Odd: ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Busts Out A Pumpkin Carriage [PHOTOS]

The Shannon Twins
They looked like hookers while out in LA.
There aren’t many of us who tune into UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, especially after we send them our discarded remnants (Tara Reid, Karissa and Kristina Shannon), but once in a while a photo will pop up that makes us wonder what the hell is going on  over there.

Tonight the celebs inside the house voted dance instructor/Pineapple Dance Studios reality star Andrew Stone out, making him the first.  Following a fairy tale challenge, Stone – dressed as The Beast – made his dramatic exit in a miniature horse-drawn pumpkin carriage to where host Brian Dowling waited for an interview.

“Andrew is super annoying, every time I look at him he looks like a sad dog,” Karissa said in a video diary.  “I want Georgia to stay but I feel this is as much as we’ll get out of her personality-wise.”

Riveting stuff.  Really.