Octomom’s “Filthy House” Gets A Visit From Police [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

TMZ reports that the La Habra PD and the Orange County Department of Family and Childre’s Services showed up at Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s home yesterday (April 24th) after her hairstylist complained about the disgusting conditions she allows her 14 children to live in.  Vile.

The hair stylist called the police, explaining what she saw inside the home.  Aside from it being dirty, apparently the plumbing is shot and there is only one working toilet in the entire house.  Some of the children are going #2 in portable training toilets by their beds and in the backyard (gag).  The hairstylist noticed that the kids “appeared malnourished and unbathed,” and that Suleman locked her kids in a bedroom while she “tended to personal matters.”

Gross gross gross.  Per the video (after the jump), Suleman can be heard saying to the officials when they arrived, “excuse the graffiti.”  They determined that the kids were not in danger after spending an hour-and-a-half, but Children’s Servies will do a follow-up visit.  

And in quite possibly the most random photo shoot in recent memory, Suleman corraled her octuplets for a tea party at their dump home to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.  WHAT?  I’d be surprised if any of them know why they’re waving Union Jacks.

Photo Agency: “We want you to sip some tea and eat some food from England.”

Suleman: “Why?”

Photo Agency: “Because it’s The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee”

Suleman: “I don’t know what that means.  Speak to me in dollar terms.”

Agency: “Here’s $2500.  Just wave the damn flags.”