Octomom Says She’s Delusional, No One On The View Is Surprised

Nadya Suleman “The Octomom” said she may have been delusional when she went into her fertility treatments…no really?!

“I believe, in my mind, I was fooling myself, thinking, well I’m
rationalizing–I do that often–thinking, Well I can’t have kids later. I
was told I had this time frame with regards to fertility,” she told the ladies of The View. “So, in my head, delusionally thinking that I could finish
[my masters program], that I could have one more baby after the six,
that I could continue and earn enough money to take care of them.”

Mind you, this woman is talking a miliionmilesaminute: is she on drugs?! I’d need to be on something to raise 14 kids.

Crazy Lady also said she makes so many public appearances and entertainment deals to support her children. I’m sure that’s the only reason. 

The poor octuplets just celebrated their first birthdays and their first year in the craziest house on Earth.