Octomom Goes To Rehab: The Latest [PHOTOS]

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Octomom is a trip! Nadya Suleman, mother of 14, never ceases to surprise us with her crazy shenanigans. If she’s not popping out eight babies, she’s making an adult film. And if she’s not making an adult film, she’s busy dealing with her anxiety and stress overload.

This past weekend, she checked into a rehab center to help deal with her addiction to Xanax. Daily Mail reported on the troubles that the 37-year-old mother is experiencing, and it’s not looking too bright.

Suleman has temporarily left her children in the hands of three nannies and two friends while she focuses on rehabilitating from her prescription drug dependency. It seems that what she’s brought into the world (14 kids!) is way more than she can handle on her own. At least there’s always the porn industry she can fall back on, right?

Octomom resulted to filming in her very own erotic film, Octomom: Home Alone. That’s pretty gross if you ask me. What’s even worse is that one of her poor children came across the site featuring her XXX work! Apparently, though, it brought in the big bucks and has provided for a comfortable living and home for her and her clan in Palmdale, California.

No more worrying about going bankrupt — for now at least.

Either way, the repercussions keep tumbling in. Even with the money she is collecting from her film debut, it seems like Octomom got all the disadvantages of becoming famous. She claims that she can’t get a “real job” because of the negativitiy that surrounds her in the media. What. A. Burn.

Maybe it’s the best for everyone that Octomom is trying to get her ish straight. TMZ reported that one of her nannies feels that her job is much easier in the absence of the Orange County native. The kids seem to be agreeing as well by being on their best behavior. I don’t know who’s the happiest of them all: the mom of 14, the nannies, or the kids?!