Octavia Spencer Wets Her Pants On ‘Ellen’ [VIDEO]

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Ellen DeGeneres Frightens Octavia Spencer

Ellen DeGeneres is known for many things, one of them being her scare tactics. Many of the guests that go on her show are unsuspecting victims of her games. The one that is the most famous, even three years after it happened, is the instance where she scared Taylor Swift in the bathroom.

I have to admit I’m surprised Swift’s head didn’t hit the toilet. Two years later, DeGeneres did the same thing to Katie Holmes. Her reaction was hilarious, but not as funny.

This time, the victim was The Help star, Octavia Spencer. Apparently, both funny ladies are having spider issues at their home. Of course, this is just a cue for Ellen to frighten her poor guest. And she does…not once, but twice. Spencer even tells the host that she peed her pants a little bit. That’s not something you really want to admit for the world to see, is it?

Check out the hilarious clip above!

By Erin Cosgrove

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