Obvious Observation: When Boobs Are Just Too Damn Big

April 17th, 2008 // 12 Comments

Photos: WENN

More photos of Jodie Marsh’s new knockers are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By Michael Prieve

  1. goil

    Skeeve! No, seriously, skeeve.

  2. Waltz08

    It’s too bad she didn’t get a new face.

  3. echoroc

    new knockers? i thought she’s had bolt-ons for a while. and for real — isn’t she embarrassed to have those? they look terrible.

  4. tina

    have women gone mad, what is this all about????

  5. Renee

    Honestly, I wonder if some of these women aren’t truly mentally ill. How sad to you have to be to so desperately beg for attention by dressing like that?

  6. DeadPlasmaCell

    Yuck.. Not attractive at all..especially that tiny ass nipple that was poorly re-attached.

  7. jbonz

    Is this how penis envy is being expressed these days?

  8. Kellie

    Ok, so I understand the need for showing your body, but she looks like a retired stripper with that shirt on and her nipples hanging out. I am in no way shape or form shy, but that is just nasty, her boob job isn’t even good, look how she haas no cleavage, I mean they are so big you can’t get anything in between them!

  9. Drew B

    Wow, this might be the WORST nose job I ever did see . . . and the breasts, absolutely ridiculous, but more power to her if it helps her feel a little better about herself.

  10. kelsie ojera

    she so doesn’t suit wonder if she just wants sexy mans 2 stare at em and try 2 touch em wonder if anyone did she looks sexy though

  11. kelsie ojera

    i reckon she looks sexy winder if am man touched em oooooooohhhhhhh i wish i had sex wiv her

  12. anon

    I think her boobs look pretty good to me.
    She’s hot.

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