Barack Obama Makes ‘The View’ Ladies Swoon

March 28th, 2008 // 88 Comments

Barack Obama visited the ladies of The View and they had him explain how exactly it was that he was related to Brad Pitt. Obama told them, “I guess we’re ninth cousins removed or something,” and when he tried to play it humble by saying, “I think he got the better-looking side of the gene pool,” the ladies begged to differ. Barbara Walters informed him that before he came on stage, all The View ladies decided that he was, “very sexy-looking.” Well, since it was Barbara, it was “vewy sexy-wooking.”

Everyone had a good laugh, except for Whoopi Goldberg, who started nodding her head, “no,” as soon as Barbara got ready to dish to Barack just what a hottie she thought he was. Oh Whoopi, you need to stop pretending this is a real news show and just let the other ladies paint your nails and braid you hair, like you know they’re dying to do.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jules

    Oh my God, who gives a fuck about someones church? I want someone to get us out of Iraq, and give us our economy back!

  2. therealravenyeah

    nothing bad, but when is that generation just going to retire and go away. they’re SO selfish, have screwed up our country, their kids, our economy and worst of all they think they’re so intense and interesting. anyone over 60 like joy or whoopie is just a boring old tyrannical facist hippie.

  3. HELLO?

    jules, that’s a really dumb thing to say. I think you’d care a whole lot if Hillary Clinton or McCain belonged to a church that supported the KKK and spewed hatred to its children about other races. In fact, if McCain or Clinton belonged to a church like this they’d be fried — never allowed to run for office again. Obama isn’t going to do a darn thing for this country’s economy OR Iraq. He’s a follower and won’t ever be bold enough to front that fight. Sorry to burst your bubble. In fact, the Dems haven’t done JACK SHITE since they took over Congress! Pelosi and all her words haven’t done a thing and they’re in the MAJORITY! They’re truly lame, yet they have all kinds of power now and can’t do anything with it. Poor babies. Yah, so vote one in to lead the country. Good move.

  4. jules

    That’s what I wanted to hear. You ignorant fool.

  5. dee

    jules, you were a breath of fresh air in this big argument :) I’m glad you got that HELLO idiot. Some people just don’t know when to stop.

  6. joan durtz

    HELLO? .. You are a typical dolt! Hey posters, don’t try to reason with a child. This person is a one sided idiot who wants claim racism on a guilt by association situation. America has been a white run society forever. There is always a white person out there who wants to get their panties in a wad when it comes to a person of color being associated with something that the white majority doesn’t agree with. Pretty much every president that ran this country up until this century was a slave owner so give me an f’n break. They were a bunch of racist assholes. Barak Obama is half white. You may see him as black because his skin is dark ,and you are ignorant and haven’t taken his white side into consideration because he doesn’t look like you. I am a white woman and people like you in the white race who are so ignorant make me sick. Maybe you should go onto the “Stuff White People” blog and whine there.

  7. Jax


    Obama supports gay marriage. Doesnt that contridict what Wright said in his sermons? Doesn’t that throw your “guilty by association” argument right out the window?

  8. Leslie

    Stay tuned for an upcoming book that sheds an unflattering light on the religious affliation of that lying harridan, HilLIEry Clinton. Then we’ll see what all the screaming, idiotic racist turds will have to say about that.

  9. Leslie

    Obama looks directly at the idiot child and asks how would you like it, if somebody put the five stupidest things you’ve ever said on a DVD. Priceless. Joy, trying to stifle a laugh was beyond priceless. He shut the idiot child down. How could anyone pick out the five most stupid thing this bitch has ever said? She says at least two a show.

  10. Grace

    Jax: You are wrong. Obama is against gay marriage. He was on the Larry King show and Larry King asked him and he flat out said that he was against gay marriage.

  11. aussie

    Jen#1… (and other such ignorant comments)

    wow… it’s reading comments like this which makes me so happy that I’m not American because i would probably have to move countries out of pure embarrassment. To the rest of the world Obama is a well-spoken, intelligent man with good overall policy ideas. It shows how narrow minded a lot of folk are in the so called ‘land of the free’ when a man can be guilty by association. America is obviously such a racist country and I for one actually fear for Obama’s life should he become president.

    Yet American’s can’t figure out why the rest of the world doesn’t just LOVE America. Please…..

  12. Anid

    Everybody was looking for an excuse for not voting for Obama, now they found it; Guilty by association. Stupid…

  13. cedric

    You can choose your family,Hillary made a choice to stay with her husband after he cheated on her 5 times.

  14. cedric

    You can choose your family, Hillary made a choice to stay with bill after he cheated on her 5 times.

  15. cedric

    You can choose your family, Hillary made a choice to stay with bill after he cheated on her 5 times.

  16. cedric

    You can choose your family, Hillary made a choice to stay with bill after he cheated on her 5 times.

  17. btchyspice

    if and when obama gets the nomination, he will not win the presidency. this crap is conjured up b.s. so that the public loses focus on the issues and the dem’s lose another election, and another 4 years.

    wake up and smell the joe.

  18. Pansy Aston

    The spotlight has placed the 8,000 mostly black members of the church in the unusual position of being asked to explain something deeply personal – their faith and the way that they worship.
    “`aol news

  19. jbonz

    Two points:
    1. Jeremiah Wright was Barack’s spiritual leader for twenty (20) years. A spiritual leader is someone you look to for guidance and direction in formulating your own moral and ethical convictions; what he says MUST resonate deeply within yourself if that person is to be any kind of mentor and guidepost at all. You CANNOT follow a spiritual leader for twenty years without KNOWING what he believes and without embracing it yourself.
    -that is, unless your “religion” is nothing more than a posture and a sham designed to further your own worldy fortunes.
    2. With all this talk of Barack’s “sexiness” on these female gabfests like The View, I don’t ever want to hear another word about how unfair it is to criticise Hillary’s dowdiness or how women are “forced by societal pressures” to focus on looks.
    A strong jawline and a twinkling eye is what we need in the White House, eh ladies?

  20. cheekie

    Any church-going black person on Chicago’s south side (or any other “ghetto” of America) sees a different view of the world than most of you. Take a look at what historically and continually occurs in those parts of AMERICA. If you are an upstanding church going member of that community things can get a little depressing. You might actually believe that its your fault for all the poverty, crime, drugs and become self destructive as well. The Rev. Wright like many other black pastors trying to keep their people afloat point out the destructive behaviors of others that try to keep them down. Its a fact that white people like to look past but slavery existed for a long time, Jim Crow laws and more importantly Jim Crow MENTALITY were in use well into the 70′s & 80′s and the people who existed during that time still harbor strong feelings about it on BOTH sides.

    NOT all white people are to blame but some of you (or your parents and grand-parents) ARE. You don’t like the feeling of being guilty-as-charged so you claim that his words are anti-American. On the contrary they are quite American but you just choose to ignore that part of OUR history.

    That being said everyone should vote with their heart and if you feel that Obama is so influenced by Wright that if he becomes president he’ll put white people into slavery then by all means don’t do it.

  21. nad

    The last article I read by the National Geographic about what the palestinians have to endure under the oppressive Israeli Goverment made my blood boil and I’m not palestinian. I can’t imagine what they feel. The fact remains they oppress these people and steal their land with the help of the United States. That’s why the US will NEVER have any credibility in the region. You can’t say anything about Israel w/o being labeled an anti-semite. The politicians are petrified of the powerful Jews & the powerful Jewish lobby so they’ll pay it lip service and won’t do crap about it. The other Mid-East goverments just used the palestinians suffering for propagandas against the West. Nobody Truly Cares about their plight. They use it whenever it’s politically convenient for them.

    The only thing from Obama’s Pastor that I questioned was his statement on the Goverment and Aids, and it’s not like the goverment hasn’t done experiment on Blacks before. Almost EVERYTHING he said is TRUE. The truth is a beetch ain’t it.

  22. Wake Up!

    I’m on board with those who question Obama’s long, long, long, long, long, relationship with Reverend Wright. You might not like what HELLO is saying but HELLO is being real. As I see it the rest of you are so blinded by political correctness (or you’re under the age of 25) that you’re not seeing the truth of what’s going on.

  23. Nice ad hominem attack, Wake Up! You totally failed to refute anyone’s arguments. If there’s something wrong with our arguments, explain, rather than say we’re “blinded by political correctness” or “under the age of 25″ (I’m not under 25, by the way. I’m a business owner – on my tenth year! – , an active member of my chamber of commerce, and an opinion columnist for my local newspaper. And I’m 25. That said, there’s a lot of people under the age of 25 that are able to make very valid points.)

  24. Jenn

    Lester I think you need to get a life. Looks like you’e been out here for 48 full hours stumping for Obama. I’m sorry but I think a lot of the writers out here have addressed and refuted your arguments. They, like JBonz, think a 20 year relationship with his MENTOR is highly suspect. You can disagree if you’d like but what many are saying is that Barack only addressed this issue when he got caught with his pants down. If my MENTOR is John Mills from the KKK and I sat in John Mills meetings for 30 years, wouldn’t that say a lot about who I am? If I never stood up to John Mills or decided to leave those meetings on my own will, in all of those years, doesn’t that say a lot about my judgment? If I then ran for Congress, and everyone found out my MENTOR AND BEST MAN was the leader of the KKK and THEN I decided to address the race issue, wouldn’t that seem suspect to you???? WOuldn’t it be a day late and a dollar short? I appreciate Obama addressing the race issue but it doesn’t exempt him from answering some very serious questions about what he was doing there all those years and why he chose that particular man to be his mentor. He should answer to the people. “THE PEOPLE” vote and deserve answers, BUT “THE PEOPLE” have every right to not vote for him on this issue alone, if they’d like, because it’s valid concern. It’s not racist (as many are trying to say); it’s a valid concern that raises BIG questions about what Obama really thinks about race, this country, and the people in it. Those of you crying “racism” either really love this guy so much that you’re willing to not see the forest through the trees or you’re very serious Hillary or McCain haters to the core. The rest of us know how important this is. It’s THE PRESIDENCY of a NATION, people, not a student council popularity contest where we vote in the best looking, most charismatic person regardless of experience, platform, or personal history.

  25. another aussie

    I can’t believe the absolute crap in this forum…….if all you’ve got to worry about is BO’s preacher, well I’m truly dumbfounded. America’s reputation around the world is in tatters, you have a candidate here who is young, refreshing, intelligent and could put your country back on the map, and all you can do is bitch about this preacher. Get your heads out of the sand and start worrying about the real issues, like the war and your economy. Let me tell you, as an outsider looking in, you could do a lot worse than have Barack Obama as your President. I think he is the best thing that has happened to this whole presidential campaign.

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  36. christian

    First off let me say that i really like your blog a lot
    now.. back to the post haha
    I cant say that im 100% with what you wrote… care to clear things up for me?

  37. mildred jones

    I am an conservative who is proud to be an conservative. I am not a racist. I am very offended by anyone who says because I am not going to vote for Barack Obama I am racist. If Michael Steele, Condessala Rice or any other black Americans were running with conservative values I would be the first in line to vote for them. I am going to vote for someone who actually has a record and has been in the Senate more than 143 days and has a substance and is not pro-life. Barack’s association with the Rev. Wright and Ayers is offense. Bill Ayers is a terrorist and he has sat on committees with this man and the Rev. Wright GD’s America and say we started Aids. What is wrong with this picture?

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