Barack Obama Makes ‘The View’ Ladies Swoon

March 28th, 2008 // 88 Comments

Barack Obama visited the ladies of The View and they had him explain how exactly it was that he was related to Brad Pitt. Obama told them, “I guess we’re ninth cousins removed or something,” and when he tried to play it humble by saying, “I think he got the better-looking side of the gene pool,” the ladies begged to differ. Barbara Walters informed him that before he came on stage, all The View ladies decided that he was, “very sexy-looking.” Well, since it was Barbara, it was “vewy sexy-wooking.”

Everyone had a good laugh, except for Whoopi Goldberg, who started nodding her head, “no,” as soon as Barbara got ready to dish to Barack just what a hottie she thought he was. Oh Whoopi, you need to stop pretending this is a real news show and just let the other ladies paint your nails and braid you hair, like you know they’re dying to do.

By Lisa Timmons
  1. Jen#1

    I’m thinking we need a smart, experienced President. Not a good looking one who sat and watched while his mentor mocked Jews, whites, Israel & America and never stood up to him. No thanks on Barack Obama. Now we know why he didn’t vote for the war. It’s because he and his church support radical Islamic groups like HAMAS and they wanted to protect them.

  2. Mikey Boy

    Well said Jen#1.

    Looks like BO is not as well spoken without his teleprompter and speeches being written in advance for him.

  3. Yes, that makes a whole lot of sense, Jen. A Christian church supporting a radical Islamic group. Sure. You’re an idiot. Also, the March 18th speech on racism that Obama gave was completely written by him, and only shown to a couple of his top advisors. That’s insanely rare for a politician.

  4. Krystyn

    So, because his pastor took a different view of the “popular” one Barack isn’t fit to be President? Not Barack himself, but a friend of his…interesting. But someone like HC or McCain, who ARE the status quo, who ARE the reason our country is in the toilet right now, as long as they don’t EVER speak out of turn is a good fit? They can lie about leading us to war, they can intentiionally mislead us about Iran and their “intentions” and they can outright LIE about past experiences, but thats all good because hey, its the norm right?

    Super. This reminds me of precisely what is wrong with this country. Open your minds people. Open your eyes. Dare to change something, dare to challenge something. You don’t have to think this guy (the pastor) was right in any way, but at least there is a faction of our nation that are willing to challenge the current structure and see what lays beneath.

    Obama supports Hamas? Got any proof? I bet if you dug deep enough and had access, you’d find many shady dealings between our existing and past gov’t administrations and militant organizations such as HAMAS and the like because it served us well at the time. But thats ok? Keep up the good work guys? I don’t get it. I truly don’t.

  5. tiffany

    Look, obama doesn’t hate white people for goodness sake, his MOTHER, the single MOTHER who raised him was white.

    in chicago, where i am from, politicians go to certain churches to be “SEEN” for political reasons. ALSO, the church is 98% white so it’s not like it’s farrakhan’s church.

    the pastor criticized the GOVERNMENT if you actually listen to what he said.

  6. dee

    Well said, Lester. Now for the immature retort:
    Hey Jen, go crawl up Hillary’s vagina or something.

  7. dee

    AND ALSO…what celebrity/candidate sounds “well spoken” when they’re surrounded by 4 or 5 chickenheads “MikeyBoy” I’m surprised he got a word in edgewise talking to those clowns. He doesn’t have to be super-serious on The View. Who takes The View seriously anyway?
    I swear, the people that are so quick to say shit about Barack make me LOL.

  8. tiffany

    oh yeah, one more thing…

    this guilt by association thing is just that. people act like obama himself made those comments. it’s SO annoying.

  9. OXA

    I had to force myself to watch him, Its normal for me to see his lips moving and i have to change channels. From day 1 this man has turned my stomach and i didnt know anything about him.
    My gut instincts were right, his is a slick charismatic man, serving oly his own ego.

  10. Jen#1

    You guys are blinded by lies. Do you read at all? I can’t believe how ignorant you are. Did you read what was on that church’s website under the Pastor’s Page? Did you stop to read what Barack Obama recently said about his buddy, as he’s now trying to back track? Obama himself said “had Reverend Wright not retired, I would have left the church”. WHY? Because Barack now admits what the Reverend was saying was anti-American, anti Israel and WRONG. Read the article and then tell me this is a “Christian Church”. Read before writing next time.

  11. Peach

    I didn’t see the whole show today – but I did like what he said would be the first three things he’d do if elected president. But I still don’t think I could vote for a man who can attend a church for twenty years and not be aware that the minister was preaching racist ideas. It might be a prodominatly white church as someone said – but this church did give Louis Farrakhan a Lifetime Achievement Award. So what does that say?? See this link:

    I never planned to vote for Hillary – because of many things but one being she’s such a power hungry liar.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do now.

  12. oxa

    My distrust of Obama is based on gut instinct and that has always been right on. It has nothing to do with color, so if u need an excuse for my dislike of him, knowck yourslelf out.
    I do not trust him, he makes my skin scrawl just looking at him.

  13. HELLO?

    Who out here ever said he hates white people ? AHHHHH NO ONE! That’s who.
    Guilty by association sometimes matters, dipwit. It MATTERS when the association is the person you’ve followed around for half your life and the person you called mentor! It matters.

  14. Grace

    This Wright person is Obama’s personal mentor (a.k.a. substitute Dad). Obama cut him off politically but not personally, big difference.

    Obama’s grandmother (a.k.a. typical white person) Obama’s own words, raised him, not his mom.

    Just last year Wright said that the Palestinians have been treated worst by the Jews than the Jews were by the Nazi’s. He calls an Italian “garlic nose”. This Wright guy has a major screw loose in his head.

    No one knows what is truly in Obama’s heart. By Obama keeping this maniac by his side constantly is not good. You people need to wake up.

  15. Brooke

    No Grace & Jen, it is YOU both that need to wake up….For a man to be persecuted for something that SOMEONE ELSE said is ridiculous.

    Case in point – my parents are both racists. Plain & Simple….i am disgusted and ashamed by it, but it does not mean that our entire relationship stops because of stupid beliefs that they have. They are still part of my heart no matter how misguided. Does that mean that since my parents say racist things, that I should be blamed for it or held back because of it?

    You both are ridiculous.

  16. John T

    I’m not a Hillary Clinton fanatic but your comment brings her comment to mind. She said you can’t choose your family, but you damn well can choose your pastor and church. This isn’t about the crazy racist auntie sitting in the corner everyone ignores. This is the mentor he chose and adored, and this is the church he CHOSE to raise his children in and where he chose to get spiritual direction. He SHOULD and WILL be blamed for those choices. Your idea that he not be held accountable doesn’t hold water. He admits he made a mistake. I forgive him. But I won’t vote him in to run this country. Sorry pal.

  17. First off, criticising Israel for killing Arabs is not anti-Christian, anti-American, or anti-Israel, Jen. Can a person never criticise a country’s government?

    Secondly, to assert that I don’t read is a horrifically wrong statement. I have an RSS reader loaded with over a hundred different news sites, so that I can keep up to date every day. It’s part of my workflow. I think, perhaps, it’s you who’s blinded by lies.

    Tell me: are you against cluster bombs in civilian areas? Cluster bombs consistently and routinely kill innocent people. They’re part of our “War on Terror,” but what they’re accomplishing is giving America the image of terrorists (an image I don’t think ANY good American wants, whether they’re republican or democrat), and they’re fostering the kind of resentment in civilians over there that’s just going to fester ad breed new anti-American terrorists. And cluster bombs are already banned by 150 nations! But guess what? McCain voted against banning the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas. Clinton voted against banning them as well, so as not to appear “soft on terror”. Obama voted FOR banning them. Clinton and McCain calculated politically, while Obama calculated morally.

    John McCain takes money from oil companies. Barack Obama doesn’t. Have fun paying even more money for gas if McCain gets elected.

    Also, have fun paying for all your medical appointments that your insurance won’t pay for. The employees at insurance companies get bonuses FOR FINDING LOOPHOLES SO AS NOT TO COVER A CLIENT! What about that even seems remotely “right” to you? Huh?

    And what’s with the anti-anything-other-than-Christian tone to your posts? My closest friend is Muslim, and one of the most moral and loving people I know. My nephew married a Buddhist, and she’s amazing. And I’ll be living with a Hindu come July. And I’m a Christian (although I have a feeling that I’m not quite the same type of Christian as you most likely are). These people are all American, and need to be represented too.

  18. fifth_miracle

    A few things you oughta know. Mr. J.Wright has 30ty years of service in his community in Chicago,ILL. He doesn’t deserve to be demonized in this manner. He has been exploited for his high spirited message. He speaks from a black perspective; What you have heard from white-media outlets is subjective have been reduced to a sound-bite(s).

    He’s about un-American as Abraham Lincoln; he speaks on subjects that make America ugly and media and politicians choose to ignore. Lets face it, since the assainsations of many of our black leaders during the civil rights movement race relations halted and we haven’t made much progress with how we see each other.

    (This is directed to the first comment on this thread) Protecting HAMAS>>right a christian church?? You must be lacking oxygen. Are you light-headed?? You know nothing about blk america and until you can see a life through a black americas cannot judge him. Why don’t you take a step down from your pedestal and reflect on the idiocy of your post.

  19. Well said, fifth_miracle.

  20. HELLO?

    “and we haven’t made much progress with how we see each other” WHAT BULL! You mean YOU haven’t made much progress! YOu mean the church of Reverend Wright hasn’t made much progress! You mean the black separatist movement hasn’t made much progress! The rest of us were more than willing to put him in office regardless if he was black or purple! UNTIL THIS! So don’t you throw your race card at us out here!

  21. fifth_miracle

    Lester, you are tremendous.>>your web-blog is hysterical>>I especially love the, Fool That I am video>>:)

  22. Thanks, fifth_miracle :-)

  23. Flip it

    “In a show of support for Washington, thousands of Iraqis, including many children orphaned by the war to oust Saddam marched through Baghdad to protest against violence and to show support for the U.S.-led occupation forces.
    It was the second time in two weeks that demonstrators had gathered in significant numbers to back U.S. attempts to rebuild the country.”

  24. fifth_miracle

    (DIRECTED TO “HELLO” post>>
    Um…Seperationist movement?? Did someone order up a serving of Marcus Garvey?? Hello?? What are you smoking?? Believe it or not < >Trinity is the home church to many cultures other than black americans; Asians, blacks, hispanics, Native Americans…you name it. You should stop by sometime and see with your own eyes.

    Furthermore, when it comes down to race relations>>do you,your mom, dad, cousin, nephew get nervous when you see a black man on a dark and dreary street/alley/elevator>>so you dont clutch your purse a little bit harder>> or get scared?? What about when a black person interviews for the same job as you and that black person gets the gig and you dont?? What are your feelings?? Do you believe its Affirmative action or do you think they hired him based on his ablity>the content of his character>>or do you think corporate american is trying to meet a “quota”

    Let me ask you a question, how many people of color do you have in your inner circle?? Or do you even bother to have people that are different than you??

  25. Grace

    Brooke, you yourself said it. You cannot disown your parents and I’m sorry to hear they are racist but you can disown a friend who says racist things. Obama can disown Mr. Wright, he chooses not to and that is very telling. For Obama being so smart he sure is stupid. Obama is wrong when he says that he cannot disown Mr. Wright. Yes he can disown Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright is not a family member.

  26. valentino

    Jen – He didn’t vote for the war because it is morally wrong! We invaded a country that was no threat to us and, in the process, have killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens, not to mention 4,000+ Americans. I’ll never understand people who support this war.

  27. Jen#1

    Back at ya fifth miracle!
    Do you and your family get scared when you see a white police office? Do you call them all pigs and laugh at them, even though many are kind, gentle and not racist? Do you belong to a church where they preach about whites in South Africa and Jews trying to kill all blacks and Arabs, promoting hatred amongst your children? Does the church you belong to have a website that says “We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black”, knowing full well if a white church did this they’d be burned down or condemned? LET ME ASK YOU, How many white people are in YOUR inner circle? Probably not many. It cuts both ways. Quit acting as if you’re the ONLY race that has EVER been put down, stepped on and oppressed, because others have gone WAY before you! In fact, black men got the vote before women in this country! So should I protest??? Should I hold it against all men for the rest of my life? Or should I move on and make the best of my life? Your choice. Either way, Obama won’t be getting my vote! Good night and good luck.

  28. BIFF

    Jen and OXA are either Clinton or McCain “Astroturfers” (lowly paid staffers who spew opposition talking points and bile on the internet or just angry morons.

    I actually supported Edwards above the others, but have closely watched Obama and consider him to be the best of the rest. Hillary is a DLC Democrat (the corporately owned wing of the democratic party headed by Terry McCauliff) and is actually more conservative than McCain on some domestic issues.

    If you want to guarantee more of the same lobbiest driven goverment, go with Clinton or McCain. Obama at least offers a possibility of change.

  29. Grace: Or, you choose to see not only the bad in your friends, but also the good. When I moved to the state of Washington, my “surrogate family” who were (and are) some of the closest friends I’ve ever had, harbored racist beliefs that I detested. That said, I know that they love the shit out of me, would do anything for me, and, likewise, I care about them greatly. If you start demonizing everyone for their negative qualities, you will have demonized everyone and will die friendless. All you can do is look at other people’s mistakes and try and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. And realize that people are more than a sum of their parts.

  30. fifth_miracle

    Jen>>Actually, I am a godless person, I am an atheist. I have many white friends and non-black friends but that goes without saying.
    Oh and we don’t need your racist, ill advised vote anyway>>How can I be afraid of white folks, they are part of my everyday life. bobspeed

  31. OXA

    BIFF said:
    Jen and OXA are either Clinton or McCain “Astroturfers” (lowly paid staffers who spew opposition talking points and bile on the internet or just angry morons
    I do not work for any party, my thoughts and opinions are my own and this wonderful country allows me to express them.

  32. BIFF

    Jen and OXA are either Clinton or McCain “Astroturfers” (lowly paid staffers who spew opposition talking points and bile on the internet) or just angry morons.

    I actually supported Edwards above the others, but have closely watched Obama and consider him to be the best of the rest. Hillary is a DLC Democrat (the corporately owned wing of the democratic party headed by Terry McCauliff) and is actually more conservative than McCain on some domestic issues.

    If you want to guarantee more of the same lobbiest driven goverment, go with Clinton or McCain. Obama at least offers a possibility of change.

  33. HELLO?

    Shut up Lester.
    This isn’t about being a good friend. This is about running the country. Obama has too much to learn to run this nation. He’s still making really stupid decisions with his own life. I’d be hell bent to trust him making decisions with mine. He needs to grow up. Give him another 8 to 16 years and he’ll be ready.
    Fifth_miracle, how would you like it if I said no one needs your racist, godless vote? You’re the only racist out here.

  34. fifth_miracle

    Hello>>Actually I would be cool with it>>Cause nothing you say has any merit to me or anyone with half a brain cell.>crawl back into your cave and bang two rocks together and maybe you can get a clue>>
    And I if I am racist, than you must be Mother friggin Theresa in drag>>

  35. It’s hilarious how anytime someone isn’t capable of making valid arguments, they resort to telling the opposition to “shut up.” And you’re asking someone else to grow up? You should grow up for another 8 to 16 years, and then (maybe) you’ll be ready to have a discussion online.

  36. HELLO?

    Well Lester, I never claimed to be able to run the country! Your Barack, on the other hand, thinks he’s quite capable. I beg to differ.

  37. Yes, but you say he still has some growing up to do and is still making stupid decisions with his own life, yet you don’t offer up even a shred of anecdotal evidence to support your claims. TELL us exactly why you “beg to differ”. TELL us who you think would be better, and why. That’s all part of having intelligent discourse – using your brain and backing up your claims. I’ve given just a few (out of the many) reasons why I support Barack Obama. All I’m asking for is a few reasons why you detest him so much.

    It’s funny that the person who doesn’t have anything smart to say is telling the person who does to shut up.

  38. Jeanie

    I certainly don’t hold BO accountable for what his pastor said. Sermons are for SLEEPING. That’s what I do anyway. My pastor could start saying he believes we’re all descendants of aliens and I’m not sure I would notice. Zzzzz…..

  39. Bunny2

    I didn’t see the whole show today – but I did like what he said would be the first three things he’d do if elected president. But I still don’t think I could vote for a man who can attend a church for twenty years and not be aware that the minister was preaching racist ideas. It might be a prodominatly white church as someone said – but this church did give Louis Farrakhan a Lifetime Achievement Award. So what does that say?? See this link:

    This is so interesting. People are running to the internet to say Obama is racist ( which is ridiculous since he is biracial I mean come on though nothing is impossible) but no mention of the last fifty or so presidents who did not try to hide their racism. Its like when a woman makes a sexist comment then the world stops. So silly. I mean the republican party caters to the conservative agenda which is basically white males only. People come on wake up. Obama is not even my candidate of choice but to call him racist and ego hungry! I mean arent all politicians ego hungry. You kind of have to be for that job. The world only produces a handful of Ghandis,Kings and Mother Theresas. The rest of us are usually full of ourselves but that does not mean we can do something good. Finally, do you really think that Bush doesn’t think I am the shiznits. Of all the things I dislike about him, this is not even on the list. Grow up!

  40. fifth_miracle

    Oh and I would like to add>>don’t get your answers from Rush Limbaugh’s or any radical right cheat-sheet web-site>>try and make up reasons on your own:)

  41. j

    I just wanted to say that I am not for Obama and it has nothing to do with race. I don’t feel I need to say how many black people I know to prove I am not a racist. I think it’s a shame that this has become about race. It should just be about who is right for this country. It would be great to have someone who is black but we don’t have to vote for the first black person who runs. If he is not the right person it will do more harm to the blacks then good. So it’s great to bring up black issues but it has nothing to do with running this country.
    I am sorry but I don’t think he is any different from anyone else running for president. Just because people don’t want to vote for him doesn’t mean they are bad. It means they are FREE to vote for who they want. I feel sorry for those Obama fans that have so much anger towards those who don’t share their views.
    We need to get out of the past. Obama is black and running for President. That in itself is a great thing. Hopefully it will inspire others to do the same no matter what the outcome. In order to have a brighter future we need to get over the past!!!

  42. chris

    First Obama was raised by the white side of his family so I doubt he hates white people, even if his former pastor does. I give Obama a lot of credit. Most people will never admit that they have friends/family/associates who have racist/sexist or ether extreme beliefs. This is why Obama’s speech about race was a historic event. Many Americans want the race/slavery thing to just go away, like whoosh…desegregation, civil rights, yay, all better now. But that’s not realistic. Like people such as Elizabeth H. from the View who say they “don’t see” race. Of course they do. Seeing and acknowledging race or other differences is not a problem. (This is America after all – the most diverse nation in the world! There really should be nothing wrong with noticing someone’s eye, hair, OR skin color.) But it’s what you interpret those differences to mean that makes allthe dfference. Obama has shown leadership and grace in this situation given the views of his former pastor. He also showed grace on The View today because those women are so annoying!

  43. I agree wholeheartedly with you, J. Thanks for saying that. I don’t have hatred for anyone who’s not supporting Obama (my “surrogate family” i talked about earlier LOVES Bush, and will vote or McCain in a heartbeat, I’m certain), I’m just against people spreading mistruths about him, and failing to back up any of their arguments. Too many people in America decide they like or dislike a politician without using any real reasoning.

    It is a shame that this has become about race at all. We’re living in exciting times, full of Firsts. Our next president will either be the first black president, the first female president, or the first geriatric president.

    Okay, that was a low-blow, but I was just kidding guys!

  44. Grace

    Lester: Yes, you are correct about seeing the good and bad in your friends but this Mr. Wright guy is way over the top. He shows and speaks hatred of gays and every race except black and the Middle East origin. Has he done some good in other things? Probably. But I see that as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Wright was and is today more than just a pastor to Obama. The ties are very close between these two. I wish people can see that.

  45. HELLO?

    These “mistruths” you’re speaking of were reported BY BARACK OBAMA HIMSELF! Go back and read the articles. Barack himself said if Reverend Wright didn’t retire, BARACK would have left the church because of the things he was saying. Ok, so there are no mistruths about the hatred the good Reverend was spitting out. Problem is Obama sat there for half his life and didn’t pick up on this UNTIL NOW???????????????? Either Barack has a serious hearing problem or he’s really, really stupid, because sleeping in the pews or not sleeping in the pews, one knows the basic message of the church, congregation and pastor. DO they not?

  46. But have you heard Obama say anything hateful about any race? He’s certainly talked about race, lately, and everything he’s said was right on.

  47. Andi

    Jen couldnt possibly be talking about Hillary, because she has no more experience than he has. The only major thing she tried to pass as first lady was a healthcare reform bill and that failed miserably because of the way she handled the situations.

  48. HELLO?

    That’s the thing, Lester, Hitler didn’t say much about race except to his inner circle and then military. It would behoove you to not listen so much to what people say, but to watch what they do. As the old saying goes “action speaks louder than words”. Obama SAT in that church for 20 plus years and as far as we know never once questioned or stood up against the good Reverend. He also called him his close mentor. He also added him on to his campaign committee, so let’s get real about this. The connection was very deep. Now Obama graduated from Harvard, did he not? Don’t tell me for one minute he didn’t realize what kind of church he was in! I don’t buy it! He courted that church partially because he needed their vote, and guess what? Now his opportunistic actions are coming back to haunt him. Now he actually has to explain to the people of this country what he was doing following that a-hole around like dog, and calling him mentor. Well too bad. Sleep with dogs, get fleas. I would LOVE to find a great African American, female, Latino President. But this guy ain’t it! Don’t just jump at the first minority running for office. You’re all beginning to look like fools.

  49. hotred

    of course he impressed them..the view hosts are morons and so is he.

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