O-Town, 3LW, Eden’s Crush: 15 Music Groups We Miss [PHOTOS]

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There’s nothing better than jamming out to some old tunes of back in the day. Whether they were one-hit wonders, two-hit wonders or more, these songs were the catchiest of the catchy!

Yeah, so some of these boy and girl bands only went so far, but at least they provided us with some good hits to remember them by. If it weren’t for girl groups like Eden’s Crush and 3LW, we wouldn’t have the beautiful and talented singers and dancers we know like Nicole Scherzinger and Adrienne Bailon. Yup, that’s where they got their starts!

What makes these groups so great are their ridiculous outfits and song lyrics that were pretty much about nothing. ”MMMbop” and “I Know My Calculus” are probably two that ring a bell. (But if The Hanson Brothers reunited for one show, I’d be first in line!)

Just launch the gallery and recollect on 15 of some of the boy bands and girl bands we miss! (Also, check out the O-Town track below. Enjoy!)

By Tanya Oei

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