WATCH: Nyle DiMarco Jumping on a Trampoline in His Underwear Is All You Need to See Today

Nyle DiMarco stripped down to his tighty-whities for a new photo shoot with Paper magazine, and he agreeed to bounce around on a trampoline and Paper magazine filmed it!

New York’s Paper Magazine is celebrating Pride online with “a series of digital-only covers, features, and galleries celebrating the diversity, beauty, resiliency and humor of the LGBTQ community.”

Nyle DiMarco for Paper Magazine
CREDIT: Paper Magazine

This is some of what Nyle had to say in the accompanying interview:

In 2015, you came out as sexually fluid. Were you surprised by the response?
My Deaf community is small; we understand the value of embracing one another in order to flourish as a community…Growing up, I never felt the need to come out, especially being a Millennial. We just did not care who showed up at the door step. When stardom hit, I immediately saw the wave of questions to my sexuality. It made me feel closeted for the first time, so when somebody asked, I casually replied because sexuality shouldn’t be a big issue. When it blew up, I was surprised at the reaction because they all were positive, including so many media outlets. So many people related to me, both women and men. So many felt a sense of relief because they weren’t the only one.

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How do you navigate the dating world in 2017?
I used to have Tinder. I got booted several times because they thought I was an imposter! In all seriousness, it is often through friends, work, parties—and maybe Instagram!

What would your perfect dream date be?
Forget the fancy dinners, let’s play one-one-one basketball game. Dip into the beach. End the day with a simple dinner.

While you’re hear, watch this video of Nyle jumping on a trampoline while in his underwear:

Nyle DiMarco: Pride

Literally just Nyle DiMarco in his underwear, jumping on a trampoline. Happy Pride 🌈

Read the entire Nyle Dimarco Pride interview here.

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