NY Housewives Get Their Bikini On, Alex McCord Has A Case Of Sour Grapes [PHOTOS]

'RHONY' Sonja's Bikini Bod
Sonja Morgan shows off her bikini body!
Real Housewives At Villa Blanca
Ramona Singer stopped by Beverly Hills.
The freshened-up cast of The Real Housewives of New York City lounged on a yacht in Colombier Bay, St. Barts yesterday (January 19th) while Alex McCord said her piece about being fi-ahed.

While Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan clucked away like hens in the shade, Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill pretended they were 22 again and wore very inappropriate swimwear.  Really ladies.  We applaud your dedication to staying fit, but there’s something to be said about dressing your age.

While this was happening, McCord was sending emails to friends from Brooklyn, according to the New York Post.   “While we were sad to lose the dollars . . . we weren’t sad to be off that particular show,” the email reads. “Now that we are free-and-clear of our Bravo contracts, we have been meeting with . . . just about every cable network as well as a couple of the main networks.”

It seems that McCord and husband Simon Van Campen are asking their Brooklyn buddies to join a show, tentatively titled Based In Brooklyn.  Unlike the “train wreck” they called that other show they were fired from, this one will be less of a “faux reality show” and focus more on 30-something parents in “Brownstone Brooklyn.”

”We would never expose ourselves to another faux reality show,” the email adds.

Would McCord sell her nifty show to Bravo if the opportunity arose?  “I don’t know, I hadn’t, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t, it’s not just me either if we did this it would be Simon and me together,” she told the Post.