NY Housewife, Kelly Bensimon, Talks To Socialite Life About How She Can Make YOU Hot! [EXCLUSIVE]

Former Real Housewife of NY and model, Kelly Bensimon, has her hands on a new project these days, and that is to make YOU hot! Bensimon’s new cookbook, I Can Make You Hot: The supermodel Diet, provides readers with all the advice from professional and personal experiences on eating healthy, feeling great, and looking hot! In the book, you’ll learn how to train yourself into never missing a meal, Kelly’s 7-day diet plan for maximum energy, and most importantly, how to load up on food the right way.

With a wide variety of easy, delicious recipes, this new cookbook not only provides you with some fun in the kitchen, but also gives some valuable tips to living a very healthy lifestyle. Portions of the proceeds are going to Generosity Water, an organization that Kelly helps to provide clean water all over the world. Currently on a national book tour to spread her word on being healthy, Kelly took some time to chat with us about her new book and how it is different than most.

Also, be sure to check out her website kellykillorenbensimon.com for cities and information on her book tour.

You’re book is titled I CAN MAKE YOU HOT, what does that mean?
I titled it I CAN MAKE YOU HOT, because I wanted something that was really definitive and strong. Hot has a different definition to different people. Some think hot is sexy, while others might think it’s the pinnacle. To me HOT is an acronym for Healthy Options Today. So it’s two fold, on one hand I want to make you the best version of you, and I feel I can, but I also want you to be the healthiest you can be. 

What recipes are featured?
There are a lot of family recipes that my mom made and a lot of recipes from all my travels. They are all super easy recipes. I’m not a cook or a chef, I just like to cook for my family and this book is so easy. If I can cook, you can cook!

Has this cookbook always been something you wanted? What inspired the idea?
My mom used to cook all the time and she would let us have fun in the kitchen, so there was always this playful attitude towards making food. Now that I have children old enough to cook some meals, I wanted them to have a playful experience and not feel intimidated by the kitchen.

What’s a solution for busy people missing meals?
I’m not a big snack person, but I feel if you have the time to text or talk about someone, then you have the time to eat something healthy. Anyone who says they are too busy means they gave eating an afterthought. Just make the time. Everyone has time to eat!

What sets your book apart from others?
It’s a very healthy mid-western book with strong values. It’s also heavy on integrity. I don’t believe in the word skinny. I was a model for a long time and that word skinny was literally the fate of my existence. I’m the celebrity voice for Food Bank in NYC and I feel it’s my responsibility to create amazing women. I think if you have the opportunity to eat well, you should because there are so many people who aren’t eating at all.

What fashion trend would you like to see more of this summer?
It’s not so much a trend, but I’d like to see more long white pants, high heels and a white shirt. Just keep it really simple and sleek. I love when a woman looks very simple, so you can see how beautiful her hair is or her smile, her nails, I just like when women look like women.

How do you like men to dress?
I really like a blue shirt, that’s the number one trick for a man! Especially if you’re slightly hung-over, it makes men look radiant. A lot of men wear white, but blue is the key. Bill Rancic is a perfect example of a mid-western guy that dresses really well. That’s something most men should look up to. It’s always nice to see a guy that has some respect for the way he dresses.

Who most inspires you?
My girls inspire me the most. They know when I’m apart from them, I’m a working single mother and they really encourage me to go for things. They are incredibly supportive of all the leaps of faith I have taken and are incredibly honest with what they like and don’t like. I’m living for them and I try to be the best mother I can be.

What is one food you wish didn’t have the consequences it has?
Ice cream! I love ice cream, vanilla and butter pecan.

Any motto you like to live by?
Its in French and it translates into something like in invert situations, look them face-to-face. It’s basically saying to deal with conflicts head on and to just go for it!