‘Nurse Jackie’ Season 2 Spoilers

Okay, I haven’t watch this show, but after reading some quick background information so I could have context for the scoop, I am prepared to Netflix the whole first season.

Nurse Jackie is back for a second season and the first season is going to pick up a few months after the first season’s finale left off. Edie Falcos Jackie started her first season in the emergency room at All Saints Hospital in New York City, with a Vicodine and Adderall habit and was having an affair with pharmacist Eddie (Paul Schulze). At the end of the last season Jacki’s husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) planned a romantic rendezvous to give her a new wedding ring and Eddie, who was replaced by an automatic pill dispensing machine, learned the truth about Jackie’s family.

On the premiere episode on March 22nd Jackie is working to reconnect with her family while the narcotic shortage and rehired sober Sam (Arjun Gupta) make things difficult at the hospital. Making things more difficult is a formal complaint against her from Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) and the return of Eddie who…wow, I feel like I should not be telling you this even if you are voluntarily reading it, but he comes back because of an overdose.

Here’s the cast at the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Evening With Nurse Jackie. Eddie looks stunning in red (if a bit square) and I love Jennie Garths (Facinell’s wife) belted floral dress.